Did Mel Gibson Get A New Girlfriend?

Mel Gibson has been spotted around Hollywood with a new lady friend, and it’s not Oksana Grigorieva despite a passing resemblance and more than a couple things in common. Mel’s new chica is one Nadia Lanfranconi.

Mel’s new gal pal does resemble his scorned former lover Oksana in several ways. First, there’s the slight physical resemblance, first pointed out by the New York Post. And she isn’t from around here either, hailing from Italy rather than Oksana’s Russia. In addition to all that, she is also an aspiring musician, much like Mel’s former flame. Boy, Gibson really plays by type, doesn’t he?

However, according to TMZ, the two are not actually dating. Just pals.

Despite Mel’s denial that the two are in a relationship, he was spotted over the weekend giving Lanfranconi a serious deep-tissue shoulder massage at a West Hollywood restaurant, reports Fox News.

Mel Gibson is best known for his outrageous and offensive outbursts, eccentric behavior, one of the most disturbing break-ups in Hollywood history, and just not really being much of a team player in general. All of his recent antics have unfortunately shrouded the fact that he’s a really good actor and a formerly huge box-office pull. Still, Mel insists on playing Hollywood his way, a strategy that would likely pay off if he were on the right side of thirty and not bordering on “crazy old coot.” Still, we’re with Robert Downey Jr., Jodie Foster, and Danny Glover, hoping he finds his way back to the light, redeeming himself of past sins. We’re just frustrated that it’s taking so long for him to finally get it.

You might recognize Lanfranconi from a campaign for “F Me” jeans last year:

Sure, now you recognize her.

Lanfranconi also models in magazines, plays small musical gigs, and is releasing an album soon.