‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Season 11 Episode 21: All In The Family [Video]

Supernatural Season 11 has come to its epic peak, and now the Winchesters will finally get some of the answers they have been waiting a long time for. Episode 21 of Supernatural, which is titled “All in the Family,” will feature the eventual fate of Castiel and what Lucifer inside of him has waiting in the Darkness.

There are many directions that Supernatural can take from here. At this point in the season, Supernatural has opened a can of worms that has so many different storylines attached to it that it would be impossible to guess which one is coming next.

As a matter of fact, there are enough worms that were let out in the last episode of Supernatural that the show could conceivably last for many more years. But in the Season 11 penultimate episode, according to TV Guide, there is only one way it is going to go and that is back to Amara and “Casifer.” The long-awaited fate of the two angels trapped in one body is going to finally be shown to Supernatural fans and there is no way that anyone can miss this episode.

Before we get too deep into what is going to happen next, let’s just take a quick look at the road so far on Supernatural.

In the last episode of Supernatural, one of the biggest mysteries of the show was revealed. Although many fans had already guessed it, it turns out that Chuck was indeed God all along. But Dean and Sammy Winchester have to go through hell before they find out. But on the flipside, fans got to find out much sooner when they got served up some special scenes between Metatron and Chuck, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Fans should give Supernatural some credit for finding truly unique ways to blend humor with horror and suspense. The show has turned many corners and touched on every conceivable horror subject, all while keeping it fun, real, and current.

In the Supernatural scenes with Metatron and Chuck (God), nothing is sacred, not even the time period they live in. As it turns out, God was quite disappointed in his creation, which includes Metatron and humans. He has lost most of his will to support them in their self-destructive endeavors. He points out that it was Sam Winchester himself who let Amara out of her cage, and now they want his help putting his sister back in.

Well, for God, it seems to him that the only real answer is to let her stay out and have what he created. He also mentioned the many different times that he had made worlds and she had destroyed them, by her very own nature.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sammy are fighting the Amara fog in a town that is going crazy and killing each other. The fog cloud even gets Sammy, but Dean seems immune to it.

But the real meat of the Supernatural episode is when Metatron and God discuss the finer details of the book he (God) is writing, an autobiography. They go back and forth with the details and the chapters, which Metatron is supposed to be editing for God. He then asks Metatron to read the latest draft, “Far Thee Well,” and the scene switches over to Sammy and Dean struggling, then poof, it was all over.

In the closing scene for that episode of Supernatural, Chuck appears before Sammy and Dean and tells them that it was time they talked.

So in Episode 21 of Supernatural, Amara is going to return to Sam and Dean Winchester and offer to show them what she has been doing to Castiel/Lucifer. The torture they find out about only leads Dean down the road of desperate measures to save his de facto brother.

Tune in to The CW on Wednesday night to catch the next episode of Supernatural.

[Image via The CW]