Chloe Grace Moretz Wardrobe Malfuntion: ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Fans don’t always get rewarded for watching their favorites show up live on shows or stage, but sometimes, something kind of big happens. Other times, something a little funny happens. Chloe Grace Mortez went through something a little funny on a live show recently. Sadly for her, but a little bit of fun for the rest of us, the seams of Chloe’s shirt began to slowly tear as she walked into the building where the show was being filmed. Too bad for the former child-actor-turned-full-fledged-silver-screen superstar, but even the stars go through the funny little mishaps that make life so sweet.

The poor girl was talking with fans and signing autographs earlier in the night, and her shirt began to rip at its seams. Chloe’s shirt, a velvet purple piece with a low bottom and long sleeves, looked great on her before the rips began. While Moretz hung out with fans on her way to the set, the seams under her arms began to tear. Fortunately, the rips didn’t get too bad before Moretz was able to get to a dressing room and fix things. Moretz was on her way to a May 9 showing of Watch What Happens Live, and did we ever.

The shirt looked great, tearing aside, and Moretz looked great, too, as she talked with people in NYC. Even though the shirt was already falling apart, Moretz was determined to give her admirers some well-deserved time, and made sure to sign autographs and chat as much as she could before taking off to fix the rip. The shirt was a delicate lavender velvet, a combination that, generally, doesn’t see the light of day in the fashion circuit. Nonetheless, the infamously counter-culture Chloe took on the challenge, and she made it work, too. Moretz’ shirt pulled no punches on the fashion expectations of the night, and also featured fitted long sleeves and slightly puffy shoulders. Still, it looked good, which is either a testament to Chloe’s fashion sense or Chloe herself.

Never one to back down from a good, old fashioned challenge, Chloe was determined not to let the mishap ruin her night. A little while after she had departed the hordes of ecstatic fans hoping to say hello, Moretz showed up on stage wearing the same shirt. However, according to Hollywood Life, all the issues had been fixed in transit. She may know how to dress and please a crowd, but it looks like Chloe also know how to pick help and friends.

When she got on stage at WWHL, Mortez was happily sporting the de-shredded velvet fashion statement, and it looked as good as ever. Whoever Chloe’s seamstress is, she worked one amazing miracle, and in record time, too. Chloe also gave us a look at her incredible acting chops, as there wasn’t even the slightest hint that something had gone wrong earlier in the night.

The news from the show was much better, however. Chloe has been a little hesitant to talk about her relationship status. During the show, however, she dropped a confirmation that she’s serious about someone. According to the Daily Mail, Chloe, 19, and Brooklyn Beckham, 17, are in fact dating. The world was excited to hear the confirmation of a long-standing theory, a theory that Chloe was admittedly “shady” about confirming or denying. That’s great news for Chloe and Brooklyn, who have been hanging out for a long time, and are clearly great together.

The confirmation followed a lengthy and almost disappointing game of “Plead the Fifth,” but eventually Chloe cracked. Not many details were shared, which Moretz’ followers are okay with, if not happy about. While it’s nice to hear about Chloe’s love life, prying into the private lives of such young stars isn’t really on the agenda for the people who adore her. A little bit of news here and there will satisfy, as long as Chloe is happy. The last time Moretz was on the show, she wouldn’t even confirm the rumour. After Andy Cohen mentioned this little tidbit, Moretz apologetically said, “I was shady,” with a characteristic Chloe grin. It was a night that started out with a sour note, and finished high. Sounds like a Chloe Grace Mortez classic.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]