Blake Shelton Quits ‘The Voice’ To Marry Gwen Stefani, Have Children?

Is Blake Shelton quitting The Voice? After five years with the talent show, the country singer is allegedly considering the idea of leaving, claiming he wants to focus more of his time on music and his current relationship with singer Gwen Stefani.

The news seems to have come as a shock to fans who have since taken to Twitter to let out their frustration at one of their favorite mentors potentially bowing out from the show entirely.

A source alleges that Blake is “mulling over the possibility of quitting the show after this next season. He is saying that he loves The Voice because it brought him to Gwen, but that he ultimately wants to focus more on his career and give other artists the opportunity that he has had.”

As the insider already mentioned, aside from his plans to make his music career his main priority again, Shelton also thinks that stepping away from the platform will allow other artists to fill his position in mentoring contestants and build a brand for themselves. After all, The Voice seems to have done wonders for Blake, who has reportedly made roughly $12 million per season.

The insider continues to add that Shelton is beyond happy with what the show has done for him, particularly having helped him find the love of his life, Gwen Stefani. The couple, who first met on the program, quickly grew close to one another, and it didn’t take long before the twosome would go on to confirm their romance to the public.

In recent weeks, engagement rumors have been swirling on the internet, with some sources claiming that Blake sees himself settling down with Stefani in the near future. Getting married and having children are definitely in the plans for the duo — with that in mind, keeping his position on The Voice could potentially hinder the process of the things Blake already has planned for himself.

Shelton and Adam Levine are the only two mentors that have never taken a break from the show, unlike Christina Aguilera, who has often opted in and out of seasons to focus on motherhood and her own music career.

The idea of Blake Shelton wanting to quit the show entirely seems puzzling seeing that the singer could have probably negotiated a deal that would see him take a one-year break before reprising his role as a mentor. But with reports claiming otherwise, perhaps Shelton has grown tired of the program’s format — after all, he has been part of the show for the past five years.

Rumors of Blake planning to quit The Voice come just weeks after it was alleged that Gwen Stefani was stunned to learn she wasn’t asked to return as a mentor for the show’s forthcoming series. Instead, producers settled for Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, both of whom will make their debut on the NBC-led program later this year.

While Alicia is only said to be staying on the show for one season — due to forthcoming touring plans — this will evidently give Gwen the opportunity to return to the show. But with Blake wanting to leave, who is Gwen going to share that same kind of chemistry with?

Could Gwen Stefani have had something to do with Blake Shelton’s decision in not wanting to reprise his role as a mentor on The Voice?

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