Blac Chyna Fears Rob Kardashian Weight Gain Relapse Amid ‘KUWTK’ Pregnancy News

Having made a tremendous effort in getting Rob Kardashian back into shape, Blac Chyna fears that her pregnancy will evidently see her fiancé fall off his workout routine.

The reality star, who announced her pregnancy to the 29-year-old reality star last week, is heavily concerned for Rob, who has often used social media to boast about his weight loss. Last month, Kardashian claimed to have lost more than 40 pounds since getting together with Chyna.

The former stripper has been very helpful as far as Rob Kardashian’s new workout routine is concerned, having hired a personal trainer and a chef to help get the USC-graduate back to looking his best, especially with their summer wedding coming up very soon.

According to reports, the couple still plans on tying the knot this summer despite their untimely pregnancy news. But Rob is said to be worrying that he won’t reach his desired weight goal in time, and now that he won’t have Blac as his workout partner anymore, it has all just given him more of a reason to make excuses not to attend regular gym sessions.

“Blac can’t believe she’s pregnant again and she’s loving every minute of it,” one insider revealed. “However, she has one big concern and that’s her fiancé. She’s scared that Rob’s going to pack on paternity weight during the pregnancy.”

The source continued by adding that even Rob’s eating patterns have changed since Blac found out she was pregnant. Having developed early pregnancy cravings, Blac is beginning to pack on the pounds with all sorts of food mixtures, and Rob seems to think that he can do the same.

“Whatever she eats, so does he,” the insider continued. “They’ve been gorging on burgers, fries, milkshakes – the works. And she’s got a lot of snacks and chocolate at the house. She explained to Rob that he can’t eat what she’s eating.”

Blac Chyna doesn’t want Rob to fall off the routine they have stuck by for the last couple of months — she’s seen her fiancé put so much effort to lose the weight, so much that Rob’s relapse could potentially cause the reality star to fall back into depression.

As documented on the family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Rob secluded himself from his siblings for years, ashamed of his weight gain that kept him from attending Kim’s wedding to Kanye West back in 2014.

With the arrival of their child later this year, Blac Chyna doesn’t want Rob to be insecure in his own body when she’s going to need him more than ever.

“She’s told him that she’s eating for two now and that he has to continue on his strict protein and veggie diet,” but it’s unclear whether or not Rob is actually sticking to the guidelines Blac has set out for her man.

Having to take care of herself and the baby, Chyna can’t be watching over Rob throughout the day like she used to, so if the 29-year-old falls back to his binge-eating ways, it’s fair to say that the wedding will be put on hold for the time being. At least until Rob is able to get back in shape, having already stressed that he won’t be marrying Chyna if he’s not hitting his desired weight goal weeks before the ceremony.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman and M. Brown/Getty Images]