Has Thomas Ravenel Quit ‘Southern Charm’ Yet Again? Will It Stick This Time?

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel quit the Bravo show, yet again, and went on an anti-Andy Cohen, anti-Bravo rant on social media, promising that this time it is for real, Thomas Ravenel has quit.

Now fans have heard this before, once when Ravenel swore that there was a better chance of a donkey winning the Kentucky Derby than Ravenel showing up for Season 3 of Southern Charm. Oh well, Season 3 is here, and it started with an opening scene of Ravenel insulting his guests at a dinner party before literally chasing them into the street. But what has Ravenel so angry this time? Could it be that baby mama Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has finally moved on with another man, much younger than Ravenel?

According to the Inquisitr, even before season three of Southern Charm started, there was a Twitter war brewing between the usual suspects of Thomas Ravenel, and edgy redhead and mother of his children, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, so fans knew that the new Southern Charm season would be explosive. Dennis was posting quotes about female empowerment and independence, while Thomas Ravenel was boasting that he gave money each month to Dennis, even though he legally did not have to.

LaLate broke the story that Ravenel emphatically quit Southern Charm on Cinco de Mayo, calling out Bravo, Andy Cohen, and everyone else who had wronged him in his foray into reality television, which has left him bitter and angry. Thomas Ravenel is angry, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

“Enjoy Southern Charm if you like me in it bc this will be my last season. They pay peanuts and destroy your life in the process.”

It is noted that this statement by Ravenel was made on the heels of an article that introduced Aaron Jones as the new boyfriend of Kathryn Dennis, and in photos, Dennis and Jones look quite cozy. Ravenel says that he has had enough, because due to editing, Southern Charm is all pure lies.

“I only filmed 2 months on season 2 even though there were 3 months of filming. I’ve let a lot slide. Going forward I hereby refuse to do anymore interviews or appear again on the Andy Cohen show.”

These statements are starting to sound familiar, as Ravenel said something similar the last time he quit, claiming that Southern Charm made him look crazy.

“Since I am so insanely portrayed on SC; never will I work with them again. This is supposed to be reality not fiction.”

Reality Tea calls this the Ravenel tweet and delete, because as soon as he makes a grand statement, it is deleted before most people can take note. They admit that the current season of Southern Charm must be in “full swing” because Thomas Ravenel is on social media, quitting, and then deleting his resignation.

“Poof! It’s like he never really said it! This formula is as predictable as Craig Conover saying he’s going to take the bar and then not taking it or Patricia Altschul and her dressing drink.”

But it is being suggested that an article in the Daily Mail about Kathryn Dennis and Aaron Jones is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Thomas Ravenel and his relationship with Bravo and Southern Charm. Dennis and Jones had dated previously, but recently reconnected, and have been seen together around Charleston.

For now, Jones, a marketing executive calls the US Virgin Islands home, and there is no word on whether he will move to South Carolina to be closer to Dennis. Ravenel has been linked to several other women in the last year, and photos of Ravenel and various women have been posted on Twitter. But Aaron Jones, 26, is the first man that Dennis has been linked to since the birth of St. Julien Rembert Ravenel.

Do you think that Thomas Ravenel has quit Southern Charm for good this time?

[Photo by Jeffrey Collins AP Images]