‘Southern Charm’ Twitter War And Legal Conflict In Time For Season 3

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Southern Charm Conflict

It’s always a good sign that a new season of Southern Charm is on its way when a Twitter war and legal wrangling have started once again. Sure, it’s better for ratings for terrible two of the Bravo series to take it to social media, but it is a bit cringeworthy. Dennis has provided proof that the father of her two children, Ravenel, 54, has not changed, and is still prowling around chasing college girls, while Ravenel is alleging that Dennis is keeping his kids from him.

According to the Inquisitr, sex and drugs launched the legal dust up for the Southern Charm couple, and Season 3 should be a rocky road. Ravel launched a grenade when he tweeted that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis had used drugs while pregnant with their son, and Dennis responded by sharing that Ravenel was on Tinder, trolling for dates. Ravenel has also tweeted that he has been generous giving any money to Dennis at all for the care of their children when he doesn’t have to give her a cent legally. Ouch.

Reality Tea is reporting that Ravenel’s continued posting on social media of his exploits with young women in Florida and D.C. have finally gotten to be too much for Dennis, while she is back at home in South Carolina with their two babies. Lauren, from Reality Tea, acknowledges that it is creepy and surreal to get a glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes.

“No, I don’t take joy in the parents of two beautiful children airing their dirty laundry in the Twitterverse. However, I do applaud Kathryn for putting it out there and keeping it out there, unlike other stars who tweet, retreat, and delete! If she said it, she’s sticking to it! Also, the cynic in me believes that when we start hearing about outside feuds (knowing that Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, and crew have wrapped filming in Charleston), it’s because the puppeteers at Bravo are amping up anticipation for the third round of Southern Charm. It’s a Bravo formula that has worked well with multiple franchises, amirite?”

Bravo is blogging on Ravenel’s behalf, allowing him to tell “his side of the story,” but who is giving Dennis a format, as she too works for Bravo.

“Where are u now that I need ya? And your kids need ya? Oh wait. With some hoe traveling the country. #***hole.”

But though Ravenel’s political career is over due to a Federal drug conviction, he still portrays himself as “Jesus Christ” and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis as “Godzilla” when talking to the Charleston City Paper. It’s impossible to make this stuff up.

It all allegedly started when Dennis made accusations about Ravenel running around on her.

“You can be a jerk to me…but not our babies. #iknowwhereyouatdummie cough DC cough palm beach and where are your kids? With moi. Safe.”

This was mostly in response to Ravenel posting a selfie with a woman in a hotel room or a dressing room.

Ravenel explains that Dennis is generally upset when he put photos on Instagram with other women. Go figure.

“It all started because someone sent her a picture of me and some girl in D.C. So I’m just not going to post any pictures,” Ravenel says, but he argues that Dennis’ claims about him not supporting his 1-year-old daughter Kensie and 3-month-old son, St. Julien, are way off-base.

Ravenel insists that he does not have to support his children, but he has been gracious to give money each month.

“I don’t have to pay anything, but I’m paying $3,100 a month,” Ravenel says. “I can only see my kids four days per month, and she makes all this fuss just because I put up a picture on Instagram.”

Next month will be the launch of Season 3 of Southern Charm on Bravo, but seeing how filming has wrapped, and this problem is unsolved, perhaps it’s drama for Season 4? Andy Cohen, would you like to comment?

Will you be watching Season 3 of Southern Charm?

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