‘Southern Charm’ Major Dust Up In Advance Of Season Three Now Involves Lawyers

Unlike many Bravo shows, it seems like the only people making any money on Southern Charm are the lawyers. Season 3 hasn’t even started, but the personal dramas behind the scenes on Southern Charm are creating more buzz than the show ever did. The Liz Taylor and Richard Burton-like booze-fueled throwdowns between disgraced politician Thomas Ravenel and leggy redhead Kathryn Calhoun Dennis have increased exponentially with the birth of their second child. It seems Thomas never stopped trolling Tinder and is now accusing Dennis of using drugs while pregnant. Bravo’s Andy Cohen couldn’t write this stuff!

According to the Inquisitr, there was no Merry Christmas in Charleston for Ravenel and Dennis, as they were both on Twitter exchanging brutal barbs.

Southern Charm’s Dennis posted, “[T]he moment when your boyfriend gets called out for being on Tinder, by another woman!”

In response, Ravenel said it was uncool to do drugs while six months pregnant. A bit ironic considering Ravenel lost his state treasury job and did federal time for cocaine.

FITS News is reporting that the plot is thickening behind the scenes of Southern Charm as the dust-ups continue. The site is saying sources are reporting that there has been a “flood of legal activity” after the Christmas Twitter dust-up, which begs the question, who is taking care of the two babies?

“Lawyers are involved,” one source told us, adding that “there is a wealth of incriminating information that would likely be made public in the event of a protracted court battle involving the co-stars.”

Sources close to the filming of Southern Charm are also adding that if all of the dirty laundry was aired in a courtroom setting, nobody would win. The conspiracy of secrets is vast.

But then, according to FITS News, so is the behind-the-scenes drama involving executive producer Bryan Kestner and his former fiancee, the beautiful blonde Dawn Price, who has been seen on a number of Southern Charm episodes. There are criminal and civil charges against Kestner involving domestic abuse and major debts surrounding the restaurant, Generalissimo, that Southern Charm cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith was supposed to open with Kestner. The restaurant won’t be opening, at least not as Generalissimo, and Sudler-Smith and Kestner have both been cut out of the deal. Price says that she has promissory notes and that Kestner owes her over $10,000.

But according to Enstarz, Season 3 of Southern Charm will show the combative couple getting engaged and breaking up again. The couple allegedly got engaged on Season 3, at least for the cameras. As the world got to see on Twitter, the little family was not in the same place for Christmas, as both were certainly online.

It is possible that the level of crazy between Southern Charm’s Ravenel and Dennis has gotten even too dramatic for the rest of the show’s cast, who seem to have all taken a step back. Cast members Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith generally seem ready for a wild time, but this might be a bit too much even for them.

No matter what, Season 3 of Southern Charm and the behind the scenes of Southern Charm via social media should be a bumpy ride. Fans will have to wait and see if there is a Season 4.

What do you think will be next for Southern Charm’s crazy couple Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis? Is there any truth to the rumor that Child Protective Services has been called to check on the Ravenel children?

[Image via Bravo TV]