Michael J. Fox’s Show Heading To NBC

It was only a week ago that buzz surrounding Michael J. Fox’s new show started to brew. Not much was known about the show, which is said to be “loosely based” on his life. However, it looks like Fox is heading to the peacock after NBC beat out multiple networks in a bidding war to develop the show further.

Michael J. Fox, who has been battling Parkinson’s disease, is said to have a 22 episode commitment from NBC even before the pilot is filmed, which is very rare in the land of TV shows being greenlit. The half hour show is said to be the “perfect fit” for NBC, who wooed him over networks like ABC. The show, which is reportedly a single camera show, will be shot in New York City, which is also where Fox’s last hit Spin City was shot as well. Fox turned Spin City over to Charlie Sheen in the later seasons after his battle with Parkinson’s became too much to bare.

NBC has been chasing prior success that they haven’t been able to capture since F.R.I.E.N.D.S. went off the air, and Fox’s new show could make or break the network. Peacock chief Robert Greenblatt is reportedly thrilled about the catch, giving Michael J. Fox plenty of creative freedom to assure a set deal between Fox and the network.

As for Michael J. Fox’s project, it’s said that it will have a 2013 fall debut, and, because of the stretch of time between now and the starting date, this gives producers a heads up to take advantage of creating what’s sure to be a stellar comedy.

Are you excited for Michael J. Fox’s return to television?