CT Hippie “Gathering of the Vibes” turns deadly

Mellow was critically harshed at this weekend’s “Gathering of the Vibes” concert in Bridgeport, CT when a 29-year-old male concertgoer was found dead near a large communal campsite.

The body was uncovered early Sunday morning at the location of the concert, Seaside Park. Police have indicated that demise of the man appears to be “medical and not criminal,” although witnesses may have seen the body being dumped out of a vehicle shortly before police were called. From the Connecticut Post:

A camper at the site, who asked to be identified only as Matt B., said when he woke up at 5:30 a.m. the campsite was abuzz with rumors. When he wandered out of his camping area, he said he saw the dead body. “Somebody found his body as the sun was coming up,” he said.

Matt B. said the body, which had been covered in a tarp, was swollen and appeared purple and bruised.

One festivalgoer, who would not give his name, said he saw a green Saturn with Pennsylvania license plates dump the body and drive off, which Gaudett would neither confirm nor deny.

An autopsy on the man is scheduled, but his name has not been released pending notification of his next of kin. He was said by police to have been carrying ID from several states, all in the same name (presumably his), none of which are Connecticut.

The incident is the first fatality to occur in the festival’s 14-year history.