May 8, 2016
'Finding Dory' Promo Wishes Happy Mother's Day To All

Fans of Finding Dory, the highly anticipated Pixar movie to follow Finding Nemo, have been gifted a special message for all mothers.

A new trailer has been released for Finding Dory, in which we see a warm message that reads "No matter what, you always remember family." And while the trailer is only thirty seconds long, it reminds us of our families and the memories that come with them. It's also a nod to the movie's story, and Dory's constant forgetfulness.

According to CinemaBlend, the trailer might be giving us hints and insight on what the plot will be for Finding Dory. If you've seen Finding Nemo, then you know that the lovable blue tang Dory would forget that she had fins if they weren't attached. One thought turns into a million, and her attention scatters to multiple places at once. It's been known to get into her into more than her fair share of trouble, but Dory's energy more than makes up for what she lacks in the ability to remember. Perhaps we all know someone that's like this, and that's all the more reason to celebrate family. We don't see any of Dory's immediate family during Finding Nemo, and that's what prompts the epic adventure that Pixar plans to bring to theaters. Questions will be answered about her past, and fans of Dory will learn more about her.

One can only wonder what Dory's family is like, which also adds to the excitement of seeing Finding Dory for the first time. The new trailer makes it clear that Nemo will continue to play a part in the new movie, and his relationship with Dory looks to be as strong as ever. Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, host of her own talk show and a number of other celebrity corners. International Business Times reports that Diane Keaton will be joining her in the movie, playing Dory's mother. There's even a video available that shows the two together, bringing even more of a tease to Finding Dory. DeGeneres calls it "Daughter's Day," but Keaton corrects her with hilarity ensuing.

No doubt, many people across the globe are celebrating their mothers today. They're heroes, they're doctors, and they're great motivational speakers. Some are no longer with us, and the message in the trailer serves to keep their memories strong in everyone's minds. While Nemo's mother makes her departure early on in Finding Nemo, it's clear that she had an impact on Marlin, Nemo's father.

In fact, much of the movie revolves more around Marlin in an attempt to find Nemo. He and Dory experience dangers along the way, but this prequel of sorts sets a standard that the 30-second trailer accentuates in Finding Dory. Regardless of the circumstance, family stays together. In this case, Dory takes such a lesson and is well on her way to finding the ones not present in Finding Nemo. Judging from the trailer, it also looks like other characters may be making a reappearance. One could call it fitting that both families will play a part in Dory's adventure.

Finding Dory has a current release date of June 17 of this year. Albert Brooks will voice Marlin, and Idris Elba is slated to voice Fluke. There are other notable voice actors who will lend their talents to the screen, and this Mother's Day trailer brings about a sense of wonder. Whether you're young or old, Pixar movies such as this are more than enough to bring kin together.

Are you excited for the release of Finding Dory? Who's your favorite character out of either movie? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo By Jesse Grant/Getty Images]