Blac Chyna Pregancy And Morning Sickness Worries: How Sick Is Chyna?

Babies are always happy news, but with a pregnancy comes some really unpleasant side effects. Most of these are hormones and strange 3 a.m. cravings, but one side effect in particular is always devastating: morning sickness. Hollywood Life reports that for the first time since announcing the bun in the oven, a pregnant Blac Chyna has disappointed fans by canceling an appearance in Atlantic City. Was it the morning sickness? Almost undoubtedly.

The 27-year-old Chyna was set to make an appearance at The Pool After Dark, but canceled at the very last minute. The Daily Mail reports that Blac told Harrah's Casino, where the venue is based, that she was too sick, and the paper mentioned that Chyna's baby bump was probably the reason for the sickness. Sadly, fans were forced to miss out on Chyna's welcome presence. However, if it was the baby that kept her home, Blac's followers will be happy to know that things on that front are progressing well. Any mom that would put aside her illustrious career for some time at home with the baby clearly has her priorities straight, even if the baby isn't quite finished yet.
Both Blac and Rob Kardashian, her fiancé and baby-daddy, missed the flight to their May 7 party, but fans weren't upset. Blac was open about the reason, and the morning sickness came the day after the pregnancy was officially announced. Instagram helped Chyna reach her fans with an apology, but nobody can blame her for the sickness. Pregnancy can be hard, and morning sickness is one of the hardest parts. However, it's all a good sign that during Blac's pregnancy, Rob and Chyna are thinking about the baby first. The apology was clearly heartfelt, and came right away after Chyna had to make the decision to stay home.
"Sorry LA & Atlantic City I really wasn't feeling well LAST night which fell over to this MORNING causing us to miss our flight. Rob and I want to apologize for missing these events for we were looking forward to them as well but new dates are coming soon!"
Chyna and Kardashian haven't made any real appearances since they announced the baby news. Overjoyed fans may be missing out on their favorite pair in the public eye, but Kardashian baby news is good news. The announcement came on May 6, and the couple has kept a low profile ever since. Even so, sometimes pregnancy can have slightly more fun side effects, and Blac was caught enjoying one of them recently. Cravings can come in all shapes and sizes, and this time, Chyna was seen enjoying some well-deserved Burger King for lunch following the pregnancy announcement. Even so, the next morning's sickness couldn't have been anywhere near as a fun as a cheat meal.
According to the Mirror, the pregnancy announcement wasn't all Blac Chyna had hoped for, either. Blac had wanted to wait until Mother's Day to tell her family, and then tell her fan-family right after, but fate got in the way. Someone, somewhere, found out about the pregnancy early and told everyone they could. Sad for Blac, who missed her apt announcement date, but happy for fans, who now know all about the new Kardashian baby on the way. Blac seems to be dealing with the pregnancy well enough, but if morning sickness is striking so soon and so hard, it might become an issue for her.

Rob, too, is going to have his work cut out for him, not only grabbing strange combinations of food items at 4 a.m. to satisfy his boo's cravings, but also in comforting her while she goes through the sickness. Exciting, terrifying, gross and beautiful, it's looking like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian really are having a baby. They are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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