May 8, 2016
Ozzy Osbourne And Sharon Osbourne Considering Reconciliation

Ozzy Osbourne has moved out of the home that he shared with his wife, Sharon Osbourne, amidst the reports that he cheated on her with a celebrity hairstylist. The good news is that their marriage might not be over with yet. While many fear that the 33-year-old marriage would end with Ozzy moving out, People reported on Sunday that their marriage might still be saved.

A source close to the family told E! News that Ozzy and Sharon mutually agreed that it was time for Ozzy to move out temporarily. Originally, the rumors surrounding Ozzy and Sharon assumed that they two were having conflicts about Osbourne's long-term addiction issues. However, the word is that Osbourne has been sober for three years now.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne Considering Reconcilation
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That is where the Ozzy Osbourne affair news arose. It was E! News that reported the rock star moved out, but it was People that learned there might be another woman involved. According to People, the two have officially split up for now, and Sharon is the one who believes that Ozzy has been having an affair. According to Sharon, the rumors about drugs were distorted facts.

Back in 2013, Sharon answered questions about Ozzy and his alleged drug and alcohol use, which she made after he released a Facebook post saying that he was trying to be a better person. Osbourne said that he was drinking and taking drugs again but was 44 days sober at that time. Sharon said that was true and he was in a dark place, but they were working through things.

However, now things look like the problems come from another area. This time, the allegations are infidelity and cheating on Ozzy's part. The person in question here is hairstylist Michelle Pugh, according to Yahoo Beauty. Pugh is the hairstylist of the stars, working on shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Melrose Place, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and more. She is also the hairdresser for Jennifer Lopez.

According to reports, Sharon found out about the Ozzy Osbourne affair and asked him to leave, and he agreed to move out for now. People reported that the split was accurate, as the source said that it was "sort of true." However, the source also said that Ozzy will come back home. This isn't the first time the Osbournes have split up, and they have found ways to work it out in the past. The source said that the entire separation is "temporary."

Looking at the relationship between Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, fans see many years of rocky times throughout the 30 years they were together. Ozzy, 67, and Sharon, 63, partnered after Sharon was hired by her father, Don Arden, to watch over Ozzy to keep him out of trouble during his early solo career after leaving Black Sabbath.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne Considering Reconcilation
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Sharon Osbourne did better than that. She kept Ozzy's career on the right path, and he became one of the biggest and most successful rock stars in the world. He did slip up many times, such as the Alamo incident and the controversy with the bat that he allegedly bit the head off of. However, Sharon and Ozzy married in 1982, and she has worked to manage and lead his career to amazing heights over the years.

They also became a public sensation when they started their own TV show chronicling their family's everyday life. However, over the years, Ozzy also suffered through drug and alcohol problems, where he would disappear for days on end before Sharon could find him.

Sharon stuck with him through all the troubling times, but she grew tired of it in 2013 when they split up. Ozzy Osbourne sobered up and Sharon gave him another chance, but a cheating scandal might see the end of this relationship once and for all unless they can work out their problems once again.

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