May 8, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite To Supplement Main Smartphone Flagship for 2016? Tease Photos Suggest Fit For Business Needs

Samsung is prepping for another big takeover this year as they plan to release the new Galaxy Note 6 Lite.

According to Valuewalk, the device will be released in the next few months, and this might be the newest variant of the Galaxy Note line. Additionally, it might have a very different design from the rest of the Galaxy Note devices.

What is interesting about the Galaxy Note 6 Lite is the suggested report that it will be a supplementary to the main smartphone that will be released later this year.

The possible reason for this pairing is the intent of Samsung to reach the mid-range market. They want to introduce the basic features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 but offer it at a competitive price point. With this plan, Samsung clearly has high hopes for the phablet market.

However, though rumors have been spreading around the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite device, Samsung has not confirmed the existence of the tablet yet. But, it is likely that the device will have a less powerful specs than the basic Galaxy Note 6.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 21: An advertisement for Samsung phones is seen on August 21, 2015 in New York, United States. Samsung released two new phones for sale today: the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Even if the Galaxy Note 6 Lite will have downgraded features from the basic Galaxy Note 6, it will still be above the market range. As for the price, it is suggested that Samsung will not pull it down to the price points of Xiaomi, who has just revealed their latest leak photos of their new phablet, the Xiaomi Mi Max.

Who is Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite For?

If there will be very little difference in the specs and the price, why did Samsung have to create a Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

Apparently, Samsung reportedly created the Lite version for the Asian market alone. Because of the massive producers in Asia offering lower prices for their premium smartphones, Samsung is losing their grip on the area. That is why they could be using the Galaxy Note 6 Lite to show to the market how they can still be competitive.

Still, Samsung is winning the head-to-head competition with Apple. In recent sales reports, Samsung is ahead of the game again this year in the United States. Because of this feat, it could just be presumed that Samsung has thought of this plan very well.

Since Apple is not doing very well on Asian markets as well, they could try to snatch this open opportunity for premium smartphone makers like them to reenter the market.

Because of their "next big thing" quote, people, in general, find it hard to catch up on their yearly releases. Though Samsung successfully pushed the boundaries of smartphones over the past years, "this can often alienate, or be completely irrelevant, to consumers," according to ValueWalk.

"The history of consumer electronics has been replete with devices that purported to offer technical superiority, yet which ultimately bombed in the marketplace. This has been the same across multiple aspects of consumer electronics, and the lesson that has been learned by the most successful companies, not least Apple with its iPhone range, is that simplicity and usability trumps technical superiority."
That is why they might be rethinking their strategies for the market.
According to Weibo, the Korean company might be introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite together with two other devices. The Galaxy Note 6 Lite might be the inclusion on the trio launch Samsung has in mind for the coming months. They might also introduce a curved screen smartphone.

As for the link on the other devices, there are no reports yet on how Samsung will integrate these smartphones and tablets together.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]