Nia Long Says J. Cole Is 'Not Too Young' For Her -- The Internet Reacts

Since the '90s, rappers and hip-hop artists have been dropping actress Nia Long's name in their songs. At this point, it's almost an honor to include Long's name in your song. Last year, Grammy nominee J. Cole joined the long list of rappers who love Nia by dropping her name in his song, "No Role Modelz."

"My only regret was too young for Nia Long," Cole said in the single.

But in a new interview with Larry King, Long, 45, let it be known that J. Cole, 31, is in fact not too young at all.

"He's really not too young," Long told King. "He just doesn't know it."

It turns out Nia may actually have a crush on J. Cole as well. Who knew? Definitely not J. Cole, who may be wishing he wasn't already married, especially because he just got married to Melissa Heholt only a few months ago. To be fair, Nia herself is actually in a relationship as well. She's been dating the former professional basketball player and current assistant coach for the Spurs, Ime Udoka, for the past six years.

Still, despite these hard facts, fans of both Nia Long and J. Cole couldn't help but wish these two would just go for it anyway.

Of course, Nia Long probably meant the whole thing as a joke and the internet just rolled with the idea, taking it much further than she probably thought they would. Both Nia and J. Cole are happy in their current relationships and there's no way they'd risk for just a hook-up.

Either way, J. Cole was probably flattered by Nia's words. Many rappers have used her name in their songs, but how many can say Nia was actually interested in them too? Probably not a lot, if any at all.

Besides admitting to her crush on J. Cole, Long also discussed her 30 years of work in Hollywood, doing sex scenes with Cuba Gooding, Jr., and her views on President Obama in her interview with Larry King. You can watch the clip of Nia Long discussing J. Cole and more below:

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]