Did Taylor Swift Make Her Squad Unfollow Demi Lovato On Twitter After Her Hailey Baldwin Selfie?

Is Taylor Swift feuding with Hailey Baldwin? According to a new report, the singer forced her girl squad to unfollow Demi Lovato after she shared a selfie with Baldwin during Monday night’s Met Gala.

Years ago, Hailey Baldwin publicly dissed Taylor Swift on Twitter, and apparently, there’s still some “bad blood” between them.

Hailey Baldwin shared the tweet above in late 2012 after rumors began circulating regarding Swift’s relationship with the One Direction singer, which was extremely short-lived. And while nothing else appears to have been said since Hailey Baldwin’s tweet was shared, a new report claims they appear to still be at odds.

On May 6, Seventeen magazine shared a report claiming Swift’s squad, including the women listed below, allegedly unfollowed Lovato for posing for a photo with Hailey Baldwin.

  • Taylor Swift
  • Selena Gomez
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Lily Aldridge
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Este Haim
  • Danielle Haim
  • Alana Haim

According to the report, the women mentioned are not following Lovato as of May 6.

On Monday, during the Met Gala, which was co-chaired by Swift, Lovato posted a photo of her and Baldwin posing with kissy lips on Instagram, and in the caption of her photograph, Lovato included a heart emoji, as well as an emoji of two females.

Seventeen Magazine claimed it was the Twitter account mentioned above, Shady Music Facts, which broke news of Swift’s squad’s alleged Lovato diss.

In addition to Hailey Baldwin’s 2012 tweet likely causing an issue between her and Swift, her romance with Justin Bieber may also be adding to their feud. As fans of Swift well know, the singer has been close friends with Selena Gomez for years, and due to girl code, she shouldn’t exactly approve of Hailey Baldwin, especially considering the back and forth Bieber has been doing between the two women in recent years.

Just months ago, a feud was said to be brewing between Hailey Baldwin and Swift’s best friend.

“Selena is not surprised in the slightest that Justin and [Hailey Baldwin] are hooking up. She feels like Hailey’s been after him for years and it was only a matter of time,” a source told Hollywood Life in January. “Selena has never really liked or trusted Hailey. Whenever she and Justin had problems, it always seemed like Hailey would pop up. Selena felt like she couldn’t have an argument with Justin without worrying that Hailey would suddenly be by his side.”

Meanwhile, the source noted that Bieber would always care for Gomez, despite his frequent rendezvous with Hailey Baldwin.

“He will always have admiration and love for Selena and think about her fondly, but this is so new and exciting that he is giving it a chance ever so slowly,” the source told Hollywood Life. “It is still weird for him to focus on one girl, but he is determined to give it his best shot. [Hailey Baldwin] and Selena are two totally different scenarios for him. It would be weird for him to harp on Selena and the past if he is trying to make this new relationship work.”

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Also on May 6, a report by Australia News Network suggested Kendall Jenner was considering building a new squad “vs Taylor Swift” with her close friend, Hailey Baldwin. Although the report didn’t reveal who else would be in the potential squad, Jenner has a number of A-list friends, including her many famous sisters, including Kylie Jenner.

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