‘Alaskan Bush People’ Returns: Where And How To Watch It

The hit Discovery Channel reality TV series Alaskan Bush People returns tonight. It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since Season 3 ended. The wait for the Browns’ return to TV was no doubt made longer by ample controversy, not to mention concerns surrounding the health of family patriarch Billy Brown.

The Alaskan Bush People stars were forced to spend time “in the lower 48,” while Billy received some much needed medical treatment.

The decision was no doubt hastened by repeated bear attacks on the family’s wilderness home. At least, in the context of the show. Giving Alaskan Bush People the benefit of the doubt, these are very good reasons to relocate. But, instead, the Brown family has returned to their previous home and lifestyle in another spirited attempt to reclaim it.

At least, that’s the familiar surface premise for the season. People reported this season would likely feature the beginning of the Browns’ legal drama. With it, the question of just how “Alaskan” the family really is. Many fans were taken aback by the accusation that the Alaskan Bush People stars weren’t considered residents of Alaska, despite helping to improve the state’s global visibility through their fame.

We will also be learning more about the mysterious “secret daughter” who is expected to play a role this season.

With all of this to look forward to, you may still be wondering exactly how to watch the Alaskan Bush People. Well, first you may want to double-check to make sure your cable provider has the Discovery Channel. The new episode will air May 6 at 9 p.m/8p.m. CST.

While many fans will be watching Alaskan Bush People live on TV, quite a few might not have the time or inclination. To watch a live stream of the show, you can do so through Discovery Channel GO. The catch is that not all cable providers have access to this option. Comcast customers can watch the show streaming through Xfinity TV GO.

Don’t have a cable provider at all? Well, you still might be able to catch Alaskan Bush People.


If you can’t watch or stream the show live, you can buy episodes through Amazon. Purchase Alaskan Bush People by the episode or opt for a season long pass and save a few bucks.


If you’re alone, but want to share in the Alaskan Bush People fun with others, you should head over to Twitter or Tumblr. The #AlaskanBushPeople hashtag will certainly be full of lively discussion about the show. If you find that you can’t watch or stream the show, visiting the tag to follow the live discussion about what’s happening could be the next best thing.


Hopefully, this information will help you get an idea of how and when you intend to get your fill of the Season 4 premiere of Alaskan Bush People.

Are you excited for the new season? Do you have any streaming options you want to share? Share your thought below! Also, feel free to use the comment section of this article for live reaction to Alaskan Bush People.

[Image via Discovery Channel]