Madonna Speaks Out For Women's Rights By Using Lady Godiva Tactics

Kim McLendon

Madonna shouted out on Instagram for women's rights following her spectacular appearance at the Met Gala on Monday. The gorgeous pop icon showed up with a nearly bare booty and breasts covered only by a thin mesh.

Madonna waited patiently to make a written statement of her intentions while people wondered what on earth she was thinking when she chose her outfit. People were shocked, and there was a lot of discussion about it on social media before Madonna made her intentions known. She spoke up for her gender aggressively in the Instagram post that led her to be featured in People as well as dozens of other publications today.

"We have fought and continue to fight for civil rights and gay rights around the world. When it comes to Women's rights we are still in the dark ages."

Madonna continued speaking about women's rights, her very sexy outfit, and how society perceives aging women.

"My dress at the Met Ball was a political statement as well as a fashion statement. The fact that people actually believe a woman is not allowed to express her sexuality and be adventurous past a certain age is proof that we still live in an ageist and sexist society."

Madonna's post for women's rights ended with a courageous pep talk about taking risks and refusing to accept limitations.

"I have never thought in a limited way and I'm not going to start. We cannot effect change unless we are willing to take risks by being fearless and by taking the road less traveled by. That's how we change history. If you have a problem with the way I dress it is simply a reflection of your prejudice. I'm not afraid to pave the way for all the girls behind me‼️ As Nina Simone once said, the definition of freedom is being fearless. I remain Unapologetic and a Rebel ❤️in this life and all the others. Join my fight for Gender. Equality!￰"

As Madonna's buttocks-baring outfit illustrates, not all women agree on how to pursue the issue of women's rights. There is an understandable lack of solidarity between females. Not all ladies support women's rights as a movement because they feel their own lifestyle choices do not match the goals of the movement according to CNN. Even among those who do support the cause, there are serious discrepancies in what equality might entail. This lack of agreement is true of every demographic, but since the female gender makes up the largest single demographic group in the world and includes 51 percent of the population, expecting them to agree is unrealistic. Still, most woman can agree on core issues like equal pay and human trafficking.

Madonna's women's rights protest does echo a very ancient woman who decided to be courageous by taking off her clothing, according to BBC. Nearly one thousand years ago, a wealthy lord was overtaxing his people. His lady, now known as Lady Godiva, pleaded with him to stop overburdening the common people with taxes. The lord said he'd do that when she rode naked through the village. Godiva did just that one night. Naked and covered only with her hair, she rode a horse through the town. Everyone knew she was going to do this, and it was agreed that no one would look out of respect. Only one man, named Tom, cheated and took a peek. This story is where we get the phrase "peeping Tom."

Madonna, however, wants people to have a full gaze at her and know she means business about women's rights.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]