Is ‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Engaged? Does Fiancé Andrew Martin Have A Drug Past?

The first season of Real Housewives of Potomac has come to a close, and Katie Rost, who struggled and angled her way to get Andrew Martin to marry her, has now broken off her engagement and returned the ring. Did all of Rost’s manipulation just become too much, or is it the news that Andrew Martin has a drug dealing past that pushed things over the edge for Rost?

According to the Inquisitr, the former area Real Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of DC, cast warned the newbies, the Real Housewives of Potomac, that they might need some Xanax to make it through the first season. Now that the reunions are complete, the ladies of RHOP likely know what was meant by the comment, and see why a sedative like Xanax might have been helpful, and that is especially true of Katie Rost, who got called out for her religion, her skin color, her age, and her weight. Rost seemed perplexed as to why the women ganged up on her.

Radar Online has revealed that Andrew Martin’s drug arrest was not about a small amount of marijuana, but rather about a SWAT team bust and an arrest for distribution, for which Martin has been on probation. Martin begged to get off of probation, as he wanted to move up in the Rost Foundation, run by the family of Katie Rost. Martin could not continue to move up with a dark cloud of suspicion hanging over his head, and it threatened his relationship with Katie Rost.

Andrew Martin was the subject of a major drug bust which involved fraudulently shipped boxes of marijuana with false names on their labels. The story goes back to 2011, when two boxes, filled with marijuana, were spotted by drug sniffing dogs at a FedEx facility. Inside the boxes were smaller bags put together for drug distribution. The boxes had a decoy name on them, but had an address that linked back to Martin, and so a sting was put in place with detectives as delivery men.

Montgomery County police (Potomac, Maryland, is in Montgomery County) used a SWAT team after delivery to then invade the home of Andrew Martin (but not Katie Rost at that time), and do a thorough search.

“During the invasion, police found marijuana and glass pipes in Martin’s room, the two drug-filled boxes which had been accepted minutes earlier, $551 in cash, a passport, ‘several bags’ of marijuana and assorted paraphernalia in the basement, and more pot inside of a 2003 Mercedes in the garage (police seized the car).”

Martin was found guilty of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, but only had to serve three years on probation. During his probation, Martin was dating Katie Rost, and working with the Rost Foundation.

Perez Hilton explained that all the things that Katie Rost thought she wanted throughout the season of RHOP, she got, like an engagement ring from Martin, but then she decided that maybe she didn’t want them anymore. It seems that for now, Katie Rost has broken off her engagement to Andrew Martin, and that Rost would prefer to spend her time working on projects and galas for the Rost Foundation.

Katie Rost allegedly showed up to tape the reunion show of RHOP without the huge rock she forced Andrew Martin to buy her, and the other RHOP tried to figure out what had changed that had made Rost, who was incredibly single-minded (to the point of making everyone uncomfortable, including viewers, who thought if Martin didn’t want her, she should move on, because it was getting embarrassing) throughout the whole first season to make a new move. Was Rost the kind of girl who no longer wanted something once she got it?

Since the taping of the reunion, Rost has claimed at different times that they have made up, and at others, that she is wearing the ring right now as a promise ring. Fans will have to tune in for Season 2 of RHOP to see if Katie Rost can finally get her act together.

Do you think that RHOP Katie Rost is engaged still, and do you think that Martin’s drug past coming to light was the thing that upset Rost?

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