Moses Walker Jr. Shooting: Off-Duty Philadelphia Cop Shot Dead On Sidewalk [Video]

Authorities in Philadelphia are on the hunt for a suspect who gunned down an off-duty police officer as he walked along a north Philadelphia street early Saturday morning.

According to ABC News, Officer Moses Walker Jr. had just finished his shift and was walking back to his home when he was approached by an unknown assailant.

The 22nd district officer was shot multiple times with at least two shots to the chest and abdomen, according to officials.

Arriving police officers found the Walker lying in the street with his weapon underneath his body. Investigators believe he got the gun out of his holster but are unsure if he fired it. He was taken to Hahnemann Hospital where he was later pronounced dead around 11:15 am.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s tough,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. “We literally just removed the mourning bands from our badges last week for Officer Lorenzo,” referring to Brian Lorenzo, a police officer killed by a drunken driver.

“This department has been through an awful lot,” Ramsey added. “In just the 4½ years that I’ve been here, this would be the seventh officer we’ve lost, which is more than some departments get in 20 years.”

Walker, a 19-year veteran of the Police Department, was assigned as a turnkey, processing new prisoners. He would have been able to retire soon.

He was not married, does not have any children, and has five siblings, NBC notes.

MSNBC writes that the city of Philadelphia is offering a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect in Moses Walker’s murder. The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police is also offering a $10,000 reward. Police say they’re currently speaking with witnesses.

6ABC has more on the tragic shooting of Philadelphia police officer Moses Walker Jr. in the video below: