Kurt Sutter Teases ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spin-Off, Charlie Hunnam To Return As Jax Teller?

Kurt Sutter shared some exciting news about his upcoming Sons of Anarchy spin-off. While Sutter took to social media to share an update about the new series, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Charlie Hunnam will reprise his role as Jax Teller. Depending on when the spin-off takes place, there is a possibility that Hunnam will make a cameo.

According to the International Business Times, Sutter recently revealed that the new Sons of Anarchy spin-off was even closer to becoming a reality. In a post to Twitter, Sutter expressed his excitement about the series and hinted at what it might look like.

“Mayans MC spinoff just got one step closer,” Sutter shared. “I’m very excited about this story. Dark and beautiful.”

Unfortunately, Sutter did not dish out any details about the new series or whether or not Hunnam will be a part of it. If the series is set after the events of Sons of Anarchy, then Hunnam is likely out. However, if the show’s storyline occurs before or during, then there is a chance that Jax will pop up every once in a while.

Charlie Hunnam starred as Jax Teller on 'Sons of Anarchy' for seven seasons. [Image via Instagram]

That being said, even if Hunnam makes an appearance in the spin-off, the main focus will be on the Mayans. In fact, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Sutter has no plans of mixing storylines with Sons of Anarchy. Instead, Sutter has expressed a desire to keep the mythologies separate and forge something entirely new with the spin-off.

Of course, some crossover between the two series is bound to happen, especially considering how both shows are placed in the same world. Whether or not this will include the likes of Hunnam and other Sons of Anarchy characters is unknown.

The Sons of Anarchy spin-off will, however, focus on Emilio Rivera’s Marcas Alvarez, and new characters will likely become focal points as well. As fans will recall, the Mayan Motorcycle Club was a major obstacle and rival to SAMCRO in the early years of Sons of Anarchy, but the two clubs eventually worked out their differences.

Although the new series is shrouded in mystery, it will mark a return to the biker world for Sutter and his team. Following the end of Sons of Anarchy, Sutter developed The Bastard Executioner, which was set in a fictionalized medieval time period.

Unfortunately for Sutter, The Bastard Executioner failed to draw a large audience, and he subsequently ended the series after one year. However, the end of The Bastard Executioner also freed up time for Sutter to work on the Mayan spin-off much to the delight of fans.

Charlie Hunnam and Kurt Sutter [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]

Now that Sutter sounds committed to the project, fans can hope that more details will be released in the coming months. Considering the popularity of Sons of Anarchy, there is a good chance that a few old faces will be included in the mix before too long.

In the meantime, Sons of Anarchy fans will get to see some of their favorite characters in action during the upcoming Ride for Ronnie event. According to Comic Book, several characters from the series will join the motorcycle ride in support of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

Three Sons of Anarchy alum will ride in the event, including Michael Beach, Sean McNabb, and Rivera. The event is set to take place on May 22 in California, and fans can watch the actors ride for $10 to $35 a ticket. All proceeds benefit the Dio Cancer Fund.

An official production and premiere date for the Mayans spin-off has not been released. Considering Sutter’s recent comments, fans can expect things to move quickly over the course of the coming months.

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