WWE News: WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Upset With Her Current Role In The Company

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks has become a major fan favorite ever since her amazing performances began to get noticed down in WWE NXT. Her matches with Bayley last year at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Respect, she amazed us with what she could do in the ring. Her character is fantastic, but she brings amazing wrestling to the table on top of it which only makes fans more excited. On top of this, she is very young and easily could be a major name in WWE for a long time as long as she stays healthy.

We all know at WrestleMania 32, she was in a great triple threat for the new WWE Women’s Championship with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. WWE decided to go with the reigning WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte for the win. They had Ric Flair, the father of Charlotte, hold Banks out of the match, allowing his daughter to pin Lynch. Everyone thought, and rightfully so, that we would get a Banks vs Charlotte match at WWE Payback.

Instead, WWE went with Natalya. No one really hated Nattie, but the fans just wanted Banks. They have also been cheering her massively in every arena. She hasn’t even been used much since WrestleMania. WWE does have a small program going with her and Summer Rae, but nothing is coming from it. WWE is trying to protect her from losing to anyone for a while. According to Ringside News, Sasha Banks isn’t a fan of this and would rather be featured.

Banks WM32

Even if she isn’t going for the title, she can at least be used on television more often and even have a match at a PPV. She wasn’t used at all last night, and a good 10-minute match with her and Summer would have worked just fine.

The plan for Sasha Banks going forward is to sort of protect her until WWE SummerSlam, where she’ll take on Charlotte for the Women’s Title. In a way, it is great that WWE is making us wait for the match because it will only mean more when we get it. It screams of WCW booking with Hulk Hogan and Sting. The difference with that was Sting and Hogan both were featured well leading to their match.

When that match did happen, everyone was stoked for it and it ended up going well for WCW. It was the best booked story WCW had to most. However, they interacted a bit with each other and Sting had to go through tons of people to finally get to Hogan. Sasha Banks should be ripping through chicks right now and finally getting her shot at Charlotte. Yet WWE is sort of burying any story we’d normally see with Sasha.

Banks retro

We’ve seen her work with Summer slightly, but not nearly enough to care about. Both are great performers and can easily put on a good match, so featuring Banks more is not really a hard thing to do right now. If WWE wants to build Sasha up as a great contender for the Women’s Title, they cannot have her barely work television and PPVs. They have to have her run through various girls and finally reach Charlotte by late July.

Right now, the only featured female action revolves around Charlotte. This is understandable, but in a “new era” and “diva’s revolution” period, we can have far more go on with the women outside the title mix. Sasha Banks is over enough to do this with for sure. We’ll have to wait and see what WWE decides, but having her featured more in some way just has to happen at this point.

[Image via WWE]