WWE News: Update On Plans For The WWE Women’s Championship Heading Into WWE ‘SummerSlam’

When it comes to the WWE Women’s Division, most would say that WWE has done a good job at helping the ladies look just as important as the men. For some time now they have allowed the ladies to wrestle more than one 5-minute match a week, which is cool to see. WWE has a ton of fans who want to see great women’s wrestling, and the only way to do this is to give them the best talent and of course the best matches possible.

WrestleMania 32 was stolen by the women, as most believe they had the best overall match on the card. This was good to see, but it left many with a bad taste in their mouth in the end as everyone seemed to expect and want Sasha Banks to go over. She did not lose the match, but she did not win it. Charlotte ended up retaining/winning, as she went in as the last WWE Diva’s Champion and left as the first WWE Women’s Champion.

It is good that WWE brought back the title, but the best part is that WWE is actually giving the women something more than the random storyline of girly proportions, such as a girl getting more attention than another or someone getting a man the other one wanted. Now it’s truly all about finding out who is truly the best female in the WWE, which is really how it should be. Most feel that Sasha Banks is the best, but WWE seems to be holding off her official reign at the top for a bit longer.

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According to Ringside News, WWE is planning for Sasha Banks to win the Women’s Title at WWE SummerSlam this year. WWE has been holding off on having Sasha and Charlotte go one-on-one for this very reason. WWE is trying to build up anticipation for this match because everyone seems to want it. The original plan for WrestleMania was to have them face off, but WWE added Becky Lynch to the story and had her lose the triple threat as they literally had Banks held back from the decision.

The plan as of now is to have Natalya face off against Charlotte for the next few months over the Women’s Title. They will look to face off at WWE Payback and then WWE Extreme Rules. The idea then would be to have Charlotte take on another Superstar until the ultimate storyline with Sasha Banks and Charlotte comes to a head at SummerSlam later this year.

Right now WWE has Payback and Extreme Rules covered, but who will take on Charlotte at WWE Money in the Bank and WWE Battleground?

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It does appear that WWE could use Paige or Becky Lynch here. However, some have speculated that if Nikki Bella gets cleared by then she could work a match with Charlotte as Bella never really had much of a chance to avenge her loss. Right now however, Bella looks in doubt. That makes Paige the real helper here. In the meantime, WWE is obviously going to have Banks continue to win and work her way to Charlotte by taking girls out one by one until she reaches the Queen of Flair.

This is a good and bad move for WWE. Clearly it gives Charlotte nearly a year as either the Diva’s or Women’s Champion. She needs to be brought down by someone eventually. However, Sasha Banks never truly lost at WrestleMania and deserves to have the next shot over anyone else. Yet WWE is holding this off? While the anticipation of the match will grow, making it almost main event-worthy for the two when they finally do go at it, it does give cause to pause as the deserving gets overlooked for a bit. This will obviously be worked into the story, one would assume.

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