Fake Bobby Hill ID Fools Six Shopkeepers In England

There are a number of things that can give away a fake ID. Are the holograms faded? Is the ink smudged? Does the weight of the card seem off? What about the picture… Is it a picture of Bobby Hill from King of The Hill? Yeah, that’s pretty much a dead giveaway. A teen in Nottinghamshire, England, used a fake Bobby Hill ID at least 6 times to purchase alcohol.

According to the Daily Mail, there were three major giveaways in the teens fake ID.

  • 1.) The photo was of a famous person.
  • 2.) That famous person was a cartoon character.
  • 3.) The age on the ID only stated that the teen was 17.

Still, at least six clerks allowed the teen to purchase alcohol.

The Daily Mail reports that the Fake Bobby Hill ID was part of a sting operation to see if clerks in Nottinghamshire were doing their duty to prevent underage drinking. The county council’s trading standards committee sent an 18-year-0ld to at least 22 shops to see if they would serve him alcohol with a fake ID. Seven of the stores failed to ask for an ID. Six stores checked the ID but still sold the teen alcohol.

Mick Murphy, the chairman of the council’s community safety committee, said:

“We take the sale of age-restricted products to children very seriously. Although the volunteer was 18, we would strongly recommend that retailers always ask purchasers of goods such as alcohol and cigarettes for identification if they look under 25. It is disappointing that around a quarter of the shops tested did not properly check the identification that they asked for before accepting it. We are warning shops that we are considering using a child with fake ID following the results of this exercise.”