Cinnabon To Start Testing The Pizzabon, Free Samples Tomorrow

Cinnabon, which makes the cinnamon roll guilty pleasure available at airport kiosks and elsewhere, is testing out some new products, including what the company is calling the Pizzabon.

The bakery chain will reportedly be handing out free samples of the Pizzabon at its Atlanta test kitchen/cafe tomorrow if you are in the area.

What is the Pizzabon? According to, it is “a savory version of the famous, sizeable Cinnabon circle with melted cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce on top. Kind of like a Bagel Bite, except its the size of a cinnamon roll.”

Cinnabon, which is headquartered in the Atlanta area, evidently wants to broaden its market share beyond the well-known sticky hot bun with various new menu items, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, “to keep up with changing consumer demands and an audience that is more diverse than when the company was founded 27 years ago.”

The company also wants to make more money during non-peak hours by offering more food items and thereby avoiding “lulls in business during the day when customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner.”

Cinnabon, which refers to itself as the snack leader in the bakery-cafe segment, has more than 900 locations in 51 countries, including a newly opened store in Tripoli, Libya.

The bakery cafe where reportedly you can pick up some free samples of the Pizzabon tomorrow is located at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall.

If the Pizzabon or other additions like breakfast sandwiches catch on with consumers in the test run, they may become available at Cinnabon outlets around the country.

Would you buy a Pizzabon if it was sold at Cinnabon stores?