Kai And Krystal’s Relationship: Creepy Korean Netizen Uploads Receipt ‘To Prove’ Celebrity Couple Are Having Sex

Earlier this year, the K-pop community was shocked when rumors of Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x) dating circulated among social media circles. Said rumors, however, did not get a chance to fester into something outlandish as SM Entertainment, the agency both Kai and Krystal are signed to through their respective K-pop groups, officially confirmed the relationship. Afterwards, the K-pop community, especially those who are EXO-L and MeU, devoted fans of EXO and f(x) respectively, scoured for information on how Kai and Krystal became a romantic pair.

Thanks to Dispatch, a celebrity news outlet best described as the Korean version of TMZ, the K-pop community got more than their dose of Kai and Krystal relationship news. Both have been close to each other since their rookie training days, often spending time together as friends because of their similar tastes. It was only recently that Kai and Krystal’s relationship became intimate.

Unfortunately for Kai and Krystal, there are some fans who want to dig into every single detail of their relationship including the personal kind. Case in point, a creepy Korean netizen recently uploaded an alleged receipt of items Kai bought at a store. He or she wanted to show the two K-pop idols were sexually active.

The uploads were seen on Korean social media site Pann and was uploaded by a person claiming to be a part-timer at a convenience store that both Kai and Krystal frequent. According to Daily Kpop News, the alleged part-timer says Kai has been coming to the convenience store since May, but Krystal started to show up alongside him just recently. This is evident in the statement the part-timer left on one of his or her uploads.

“I’m a convenience store part-time worker and I saw Kai and Krystal both. Kai started coming here since five months back (around once or twice a month) but recently, he started visiting more frequently per month, and I also saw Krystal for the first time today. They came separately and they were both wearing white masks. What made me sure that it was Kai was the cast on his foot I spotted. I wasn’t sure whether it was him the last time he showed up with just a cap and a white mask. I was only 80 percent certain.”

However, the part-timer’s uploads of a receipt he or she claims are of items Kai and Krystal purchased are getting plenty of attention. It was posted up in response to another Korean netizen asking in a jokingly manner if they ever bought condoms. The part-timer of course responded with the upload of the receipt which includes the purchase of various snacks, cup of ramen noodles, candies, and six packets of condoms.

Korean netizens have taken the social media post in many ways. Some of them, especially those who are identified as sasaeng (obsessive Korean fans who engage in questionable behavior such as invasion of privacy) think they struck gold. Most who respect privacy believe the post goes too far. According to AllKpop, one netizen posted a lengthy rebuttal on behalf of Kai and Krystal. A portion of it is posted below.

“This is seriously doing too much. What do you care whether they did it or not? Would you like it if your school or workplace spread rumors about how you do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend? They need their private lives too and just imagine how embarrassed they are; they’re grown-ups after all so of course they can do it if they’re dating. Do you really have to expose it and make them embarrassed? Is it your hobby or something to bring shame upon other people?”

Ultimately, it is most likely possible that the part-timer instigated a situation for his or her 15 minutes of fame. The receipt might actually be fake. Still, the fact that anyone is willing to go as far as to expose the personal lives of famous people in Korea is disturbing.

[Image via Public Promotions for W Korea]