Details About Kai And Krystal’s Relationship Revealed After SM Entertainment Confirms K-Pop Idols Dating

On April 1, the K-pop community received quite a shock when well-known Korean news outlet Dispatch claimed Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x) are dating. At the time, many did not know how to take the news because it was released on a day the internet is notorious for releasing numerous fake articles in association to April Fools’ Day. Yet, how the news of the relationship was written, detailed, and expressed was far from any joke.

Eventually, SM Entertainment – the talent agency both Kai and Krystal are signed to through their respective K-pop groups – would confirm the two are indeed dating, as reported by another Korean news outlet, Naver. This would be the second time SM Entertainment would confirm a relationship between two of their K-pop idols. The first time was when they revealed Baekhyun of EXO and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation were dating back in 2014.

Now that the rumors of Kai and Krystal dating are officially confirmed to be true, many K-pop fans – especially EXO-L, the devoted fans of EXO, and MeU, the devoted fans of f(x) – want to know details about their relationship. Fortunately (or unfortunately), such details of “Kaistal” have been made known.

The details on Kai and Krystal’s relationship were released once again by Dispatch, as translated by Soompi. Both of them find time to spend with each other between their busy schedules overseas. The statement of absence making the heart grow fonder proved true for them as EXO and f(x)’s concert tours in different parts of the world, especially last February, made them miss each other more.

As for their intimate feelings for each other, such were given time to form over the course of almost a decade. Kai officially signed on to SM Entertainment as a trainee back in 2007. Krystal was already signed with the talent agency one year prior. They are of the same age too, both being born in 1994. Kai is technically older than Krystal by almost 10 months with his birthday in January and Krystal’s birthday in October. This means he is Krystal’s “oppa.” However, they both speak to each other informally.

It should also be noted that Kai and Krystal have worked with each other before, primarily on f(x) promotions for their second album Pink Tape, as shown in the art video for the album attached above. They also appear together in fashion pictorials, including a recent one with W Korea.

Outside of their professional images, Kai and Krystal share similar preferences which made them very close friends for eight years prior to them dating. It is reported they both just recently developed romantic feelings for each other, though many confused them for a couple before. As for what they do during their dates, they keep it simple. They often opt for delicious food over luxury environments. Highly-crowded places, such as Gangnam, are often avoided, but they dress casually with glasses and hats. They are already known to be dating by their friends so they aren’t that cautious when it comes to how the public views them.

Though Kai and Krystal have found the “perfect situation” of best friends dating, a detail often associated with couples who have survived the test of time, they are still enjoying the little intimacies that a couple in love experiences. For example, Kai is a gentleman towards Krystal, taking off her coat during their date and draping it over her shoulders so she could stay warm. According to those in observance, Krystal could only smile brightly at the gentlemanly and chivalrous gesture.

[Image via Public Promotions for W Korea]

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