Khloe Kardashian Slams Rob For Engagement To Blac Chyna, Tries To Get Kris Jenner To 'Drop Him' [Video]

While they might be all warm and fuzzy with Blac Chyna now, Khloe Kardashian reveals in a teaser clip from Season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that the family wasn't so pleased with Rob proposing to the model/entrepreneur. Telling her sisters that Rob "proposed in front of [Blac Chyna's] whole family," Khloe trashes her brother's decision, calling it "so f---ed up."

Clearly, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian family were completely shocked to learn not only was Rob planning to marry Kylie Jenner's sworn enemy, but it seems Rob's personality is completely transformed. While some transformation are good—Rob has reportedly lost 40 pounds and started working out regularly since he started dating Blac Chyna—other changes are totally confusing Khloe.

Since dating Blac Chyna, Rob, who was formerly very reclusive, now wants to be "so public," a decision that "blows my mind," Khloe confesses. After learning about the engagement, the Kardashian sisters confront their brother, who slams them right back.

"Listen to the hostility in your voice," Rob tells one of his sisters during the argument, explaining that their negative attitudes are "exactly why I don't say anything." Rob also reveals that asking Blac Chyna to marry him "is the first time I've ever proposed to someone in my life," despite popular rumors that he has asked nearly all of his ex-girlfriends to marry him too.

"Don't come at me with some bulls---," Rob concluded. Rob and Khloe used to live together, although according to insiders, Khloe asked her brother to move out after he started dating his fiancee. Although now they're friends again, things were quite tense between the Kardashian siblings for a while.

It seems Khloe isn't the only Kardashian who has a problem with Rob's choice in a future wife. In the same clip, viewers can see Kim Kardashian confronting her brother, advising him that his girlfriend better not "publicly bash [his] sisters."

Similarly, in a separate teaser clip, viewers can see a shocked Kendall Jenner call her brother to angrily protest his decision to give an iPad she gifted him to Blac Chyna. While Kylie Jenner looks like she's enjoying the drama, Kendall looks sincerely upset to learn that her brother gave the present to someone who publicly bashed the Kardashian family in the past.

While Khloe and her sisters seem to strongly object to Blac Chyna, mother Kris Jenner seems more accepting and even bought her son a new $2 million home near her Calabasas, California, mansion after Khloe kicked him out of her own home. Clearly, though, buying him the mansion doesn't sit well with the Kardashian sisters.

Khloe and Kim in particular gang up against Kris Jenner at a family dinner and try to get Kris to cut Rob off financially. While Jenner tries to control her temper, she eventually loses it after Khloe tells her "[d]rop him...Cut the cord." Kim chimes in, advising her mother that she "should not be paying for your son that is almost 30 years old to buy a house."

Kris angrily confronts Khloe and Kim Kardashian, telling them to "f--k off and go think of something else to talk about," reminding Khloe and Kim that she has "seen you guys through so much s--t that you do that I have to f--king put up with." The family argument escalates as Kris tells Khloe and Kim that "the s--t that we've all gone through, you guys can do anything you want and it's OK and I'm supposed to accept it all, and I'm going to do the same thing for him, so stop judging me!"

The camera cuts out before viewers can see Khloe and Kim's response to their mother's outburst.

What do you think? Do Khloe Kardashian and Kim really dislike Rob's fiancee, or is it all just for the cameras? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by: Cindy Ord/Getty Images]