Lisa Rinna Is A Narcissist? Instagram Post Blasts Her 'Haters' While Praising Herself For Being A 'Good Person'

Lisa Rinna started out on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a fan favorite. The fans knew her from Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, and felt she was a good fit for the show. The audience loved how she was willing to share anything and relentlessly went after Kim Richards last season. Everyone knew that Richards was using again, and Rinna was the only one brave enough to go toe-to-toe with her. However, this season, Lisa Rinna's fan base plummeted, and she became one of the most hated cast members on the show (next to her good friend, Eileen Davidson).

The past few weeks, the RHOBH fans have blasted Rinna for teaming up with Eileen Davidson. It was evident that Eileen manipulated Lisa and had her fight her battle with Lisa Vanderpump. At any rate, Rinna and Davidson started their Bravo adventure as the fan favorites and wrapped up Season 6 as the least favorite cast members on the show, possibly in the franchise.
Even though the RHOBH fans do not want Lisa or Eileen back next season, Andy Cohen revealed on Twitter that he doesn't plan on firing them moving into Season 7. The Bravo audience immediately responded by explaining they won't watch RHOBH if Rinna, Davidson, and Yolanda Hadid are part of the show. Andy posted again and said that he will revamp the cast "a little" and "it will be okay, just wait and see."

Yesterday, All About The Tea reported that Lisa Rinna posted to Instagram something that reeked with self-importance and again, slammed those who don't like her. Lisa Rinna's personal assistant, Ninie Lewis, wrote a touching post about her boss, and Lisa reposted it. She claimed that Lisa is "an honest person, and would never lie." It also stated that Rinna is "a genuine person from the inside out."

Ninie continued to say that her haters can "get a life" because they are harassing a person online that they don't personally know. Lewis called them out and stated they should "stop hiding behind their computers and phones." The post was sweet, but many felt that Lisa Rinna reposting it on her social media account was a bit narcissistic.


It looks like Rinna has since deleted the post after she faced some backlash from her followers. One of her followers offered the Bravo star a piece of sound advice: Take a break from social media because the constant posting, then deleting your posts turns away fans that had (previously) supported her. Is it possible that her off-air antics are hurting her fan base?

Lisa is stuck between a rock and hard place because she was (apparently) hired to be the one to "stir the pot." With Brandi Glanville, Lisa explained it was easy because she knew what she needed to do and didn't mind being the one everyone hated. She knew going into the Season 6 that Yolanda's sickness was going to be the focal point, which makes the drama during the Reunion Show seem scripted. Rinna did clarify on social media that the tension between Eileen and Lisa Vanderpump was real and wasn't sure if they ever could repair their strained relationship.

It's apparent that Lisa thinks highly of herself and believes that she wouldn't lie, but the fans saw a different picture on RHOBH. Is it possible that the producers edited the show to look like Lisa was the one starting the drama, including the Munchausen's Syndrome debate? Of course, it is possible, but one thing is sure--Lisa Rinna has made waves this season, and some of it damaged her reputation with the Bravo fan base.

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[Photo by All About The Tea, Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation]