‘RHOBH’ Reunion Showdown: Lisa Vanderpump Claims Lisa Rinna Is Unstable, Blame Shifting About Munchausen’s, And Yolanda Storms Off Set

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Season 6 reunion spoilers tease an epic showdown is in the works between Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump. Apparently, Rinna doesn’t want to go down for the comments she made about Yolanda (maybe) having Munchausen’s disease. According to Lisa R, Vanderpump was the one who initiated the conversation and encouraged Rinna to talk about it. What’s worse is Lisa Rinna claimed the reason for Vanderpump’s encouragement was to give herself (and Rinna) a storyline for the season.

IB times reported that Lisa R. stated Vanderpump made a comment about how Yolanda looked at Rinna’s birthday party early in the season. At first, Foster wasn’t going to come to the shindig, but she ultimately decided to come and stay for a short time. Apparently, Lisa R. claims that Ken (Lisa Vanderpump’s husband) noted that Yolanda looked terrible without any makeup. Ken implied that the RHOBH star looked ill, which the fans are well aware (Yolanda won’t allow us to forget) that she has Lyme disease. Lisa R. claims that her husband, Harry, stood up for Foster and stated that she was sick and they should support her, whether she was ill or not.

“Harry said, ‘You know what, we need to support this woman whether she’s sick or not, and that’s that. And you went, ‘There goes our f—— storyline!'”

And, the RHOBH star wasn’t done with her bombshells about Lisa Vanderpump either. According to Lisa R., Vanderpump contacted her on “multiple occasions” and encouraged her to speak about Munchausen’s disease. She pulls out phone records to prove that Vanderpump called her and offered to show anyone who wanted to see the bonafide proof that Vanderpump called her to talk about Yolanda “faking” her illness. Lisa R. then apologized to Yolanda for participating in the conversation and for allowing Vanderpump to manipulate her so easily.

According to the RHOBH reunion spoilers, Vanderpump denied Rinna’s claims and those who were sitting by her that night also denied hearing her saying anything about losing her storyline due to Yolanda’s illness. Rinna was adamant that Vanderpump was the direct source of the tension this season, and wanted to clear the air so Yolanda would know why she behaved the way she did this season. Finally, Yolanda grew tired of the tension between them, and stormed off the stage.

“We all have seen the footage of LR avidly displaying the diagnosis of Munchausen’son her phone. I, in her defense, tried to minimize it, attempted to defend her actions toYF at EJ’s barbecue. How she can attempt to pass the blame, deflect from her own actions beggars belief. She says she is enraged by Yolanda socializing with Kim and BG. Enraged…that speaks volumes.”

It comes down to who Yolanda will believe — Lisa Vanderpump or Lisa Rinna. They both are convinced they are innocent and have pleaded their case. Yolanda is a smart woman and has watched the season, so it’s pretty evident she must know that Rinna is not nearly as innocent in the Munchausen’s discussion as she claimed at RHOBH reunion show.

“At the time I liked Eileen, found her a little boring and certainly didn’t take her to task for leaving abruptly in the Hamptons, but it was never my intention to hurt her when I mentioned casually ‘the affair.’ It had been discussed last season, and I didn’t believe it to be particularly sensitive. Now I have a vastly different perspective as I have witnessed the venom that has spewed from this woman as she tries to manipulate LR to attack me.”

Lisa Vanderpump revealed in her Bravo blog that she firmly believes that the motivation from Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna to discredit and target her stemmed from guilt from accusing Yolanda of Munchausen’s disorder and Eileen’s guilt about “stealing” her husband from his wife. It seems pretty apparent that the reunion will focus on Lisa Vanderpump and Rinna’s rivalry and Yolanda addressing those who accused her of not being honest about the severity of her Lyme Disease.

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