Lisa Rinna Fired From ‘RHOBH’? Bravo Star Unleashes Her Anger At Her Fans, Calling Them Fat And Attacking Their Looks

Lisa Rinna is weathering a rather intense backlash from fans after she decided to target fan-favorite Lisa Vanderpump on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) as the culprit for the Munchausen’s debacle. Most of the Bravo fans have stated that they can no longer support her ridiculous claims because they don’t know when she will change her story from one moment to the next. Lisa Rinna insulted her fans on her Instagram account by calling them fat, made fun of their lack of teeth, and stated she has nothing left to lose.

Lisa has since removed the insulting posts from her page, but All About the Tea saved the posts, and you can read her rants for yourself here.

Rinna stated in one of the posts to her fans that she no longer has anything to lose. It was implied she no longer works for Bravo and doesn’t care who she offends. Fans immediately picked up on her comments and stated that if Bravo asks her to return next season, they will not watch the show.

Lisa started the season as a fan favorite. Most fans liked her and appreciated the way she went against Kim Richards last season. Kim was out of control and not only lied to the viewers and her family but herself as she claimed she wasn’t drinking and was sober. Even when others called her out on her behavior, she denied drinking. Rinna went against her and claimed she did it from a place of love. Of course, the fans believed her because Lisa sounded genuine. As it turned out, most fans now think that Lisa was going after a storyline for herself and used the fans disgust with Kim Richards behavior to get her storyline on RHOBH.

Lisa seems to think her way is the only way and believes that the fans who are against her must be haters. Below are just a few of her insulting comments about those who don’t support her anymore.

“I am convinced all the haters/troll are fat hoarders with 50 cats.”

“With no teeth, the haters couldn’t find their vagina if they tried”

“All you nasty people need to go, now.”

“I’m going for it. I have nothing to lose, you sick f**ks”

Lisa proved by her own vile comments that she places her sole value on how she looks and her thin physique. Many of the Bravo viewers do not judge others by their looks or care if someone is slightly overweight. It just proves Brandi Glanville’s comments last season to be correct.

“If she doesn’t have an eating disorder, she is obsessed with food, or the lack of it.”

All is not lost yet. Lisa can recover from this mess if she would come clean and apologize for her violent temper. It seems highly unlikely that she’d sincerely apology to anyone — fans, Lisa Vanderpump, or Kim Richards. However, it is her best shot at damage control. Without her really owning up to her mistakes, it seems unlikely that she will return next season. And without Rinna’s return, it would be pretty unlikely that Eileen Davidson would return either.

RHOBH fans: Do you think Lisa Rinna will return next season? Are you shocked that she verbally attacked her fans on social media? Voice your opinion about RHOBH in the comments section below, and come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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