May 3, 2016
Selena Gomez Posts Sexy Tour Photos, Gushes Over Taylor Swift & Jennifer Aniston, Drops Justin Bieber Bombshell

Selena Gomez is ready for her revival. And that's the name of both her new album and her upcoming tour. To provide fans with a sneak peek of the Revival Tour, Selena has been sharing some increasingly sexy photos, pointed out PopSugar.

Gomez is taking her act around the world, and as her videos and Instagram photos show, the concerts will reveal a sexy side of Selena. The Revival tour begins May 6 in Las Vegas.

From merchandise to dancing, Gomez has gotten all the glitter and glamour together to make the tour memorable. And her ultimate goal is to prove that when it comes to talent, Selena is soaring as a triple threat.
Gomez also shared how she has taken on the challenges of fame, telling E News that even when people try to tear her down, she is now succeeding in feeling more comfortable about focusing on the future.

"You're not meant to say, 'Once I get there, I'll have it all.' I think that's the biggest lesson I've needed to learn, is how to be present in the moment, and to know that I'm always going to strive for something," Selena shared.

And her goals are revealed in her schedule, which includes everything from working out to piano lessons, Selena told Us Weekly.

"I just wanna perform. I'm not trying to dance as much as I did the last run," clarified Gomez. "I just wanna sing. And I wanna show people that I can sing."

To prepare for the tour, Selena begins her day with working out, followed by piano lessons and vocal lessons. And that's just the warm-up.

"[Then] I go on stage and we map out the whole thing," she added.

And that "whole thing" includes some very dramatic fashion moments.

When it comes to who's got her back, however, Selena can't stop gushing over her two close friends, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston, noted Yahoo.

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston are best friends.
Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston are best friends. [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for InStyle]Although Taylor is famed as her BFF, Aniston is the one who inspires her. When Jennifer turned 47, Gomez headed to Instagram to share her appreciation for the Friends actress.

"A little tb and a happy birthday to one of the kindest people I know AND someone who has inspired me for years!" wrote the singer.

"She's very sweet, she's extremely nurturing and she gets it," gushed Selena about Aniston. "She's been such an idol in my life since as early as I can remember so I think it's cool to see how well she handled herself and I think it's amazing."

But Gomez is just as enthusiastic about Taylor Swift, telling Extra that even when they're competing against each other at awards shows, they keep it fun and friendly.

Nominated for a Billboard Music Award, Selena will compete with Swift for Top Female Artist. And that's fine with Gomez.

"I don't know a show without [Taylor] by my side," admitted Selena. "It's so fun… when you're there to actually enjoy it and not take it too serious, it's really fun."

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift hug.
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift hug. [Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner]Gomez and her off-again on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber recently got Jelena (Justin + Selena) fans hoping for a rekindled romance when he posted a throwback photo showing them kissing and she responded, reported Us Weekly.

"Perfect," posted Gomez in response.

But the two have very different descriptions of their relationship status.

"We don't talk often, but we're cordial," clarified Justin. "If she needs something, I'm there for her. If I need something, she's there for me."

However, Gomez was blunt about how she feels when it comes to discussing Bieber.

"I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can't do it anymore," added Selena.

And Gomez recently dropped a bombshell about social media and those Bieber rumors, according to the Mirror.

Selena revealed that the only reason she even posts on social media is to try to control the dialogue.

"I'm utilizing social media right now because of my age and because, to be honest, everybody else in the world was talking about me, so I wanted a f***ing say," she explained. "I honestly had to, because I didn't really expect my life to be as public as it was."

And as for what lies ahead? Gomez wants to cut it off completely.

"Is this going to destroy me or make me? I still have to make that choice on a daily basis. In a few years. I'll give all of it up," she predicted in a shocker.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]