‘Big Brother Canada’ 4, Week 10 Spoilers: Tensions Rise Among House Guests As New HOH Contemplates Nominations

Thursday night’s double eviction featured on the last episode of Big Brother Canada 4 made a major impact in the house, which has driven the new Head of Household (HOH) to target clear rivals. As such, heated confrontations have taken place between cast mates, increasing the tension in the house tenfold.

Jared was the first to be booted from the game Thursday after being nominated for eviction by week 9 HOH Cassandra. Initially, she had placed the brothers, Nick and Phil, on the block; however, the pair won the Power of Veto (POV) challenge and were saved from being sent to jury. Nikki was on the block the whole time, but knew from the beginning she was simply a pawn.

In the second eviction of the episode, Nikki was not so lucky. Nick and Phil won the quickie HOH and placed the British Big Brother icon on the block next to the other international wild card player, Tim. Cassandra, Tim’s closest ally in the game, won the POV and removed Tim from the block.

The brothers, after thinking about placing themselves on the block, decided to choose Joel as a replacement nominee, which led to Nikki’s eventual demise, as she was voted out of the Big Brother Canada house and sent to jury.

This leaves just five house guests in the game and less than two weeks to go until the fourth season of Big Brother Canada comes to an end, according to Big Brother Network.

According to Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers, Kelsey won week 10 HOH. Because her showmance, Jared, is no longer in the house, she has begun to lean on Nick and Phil for safety.

Big Brother Network notes that it should be expected the brothers, who Big Brother Canada required play as one house guest, will not be nominated for eviction this week. Instead, Kelsey has been heard on live feeds discussing her thoughts regarding nominations and it appears Cassandra and Tim will be in jeopardy of leaving the house and going to jury in week 10.

According to Big Brother Network, Joel “isn’t topping her [Kelsey’s] priority list at the moment” so he appears to be in a good position this week. But if either Cassandra or Tim win the upcoming POV challenge, and one of them is saved, before she would place Nick and Phil on the block, Kelsey will likely choose Joel as a replacement nominee, Big Brother Network reports. If Joel wins the POV and saves either Cassandra or Tim, then Kelsey would be forced to place the brothers on the block.

As Kelsey contemplated her next move in the Big Brother Canada game, Nick and Phil were on the offensive with Cassandra. At one point, Phil barged into Kelsey’s HOH room as she spoke with Cassandra. He proceeded to accuse Cassandra of telling lies about him, which she roundly denied, according to Joker’s Updates.

Eventually, on Friday afternoon, Nick, Phil, Kelsey, Tim, and Cassandra sat around the kitchen table, where, according to Joker’s Updates, the brothers became “livid,” started calling Cassandra names like “psychopath” and “liar,” swore, and were very aggressive. Apparently Phil told Cassandra he and Nick never stated they wanted to work with her and said she was “dead to them.” The brothers also accused Tim of twisting things, and Tim responded by calling the brothers “idiots.”

Joker’s Updates indicates the conversation continued, yet got nowhere, as when Cassandra attempted to speak, the brothers cut her off. Eventually everyone left the table except Nick, Phil, and Cassandra. Finally, she explained to them she was not going to continue to stay there and be bullied by them.

After a few hours had passed and the brothers kept their distance from Cassandra, she entered the HOH room, where Nick and Phil were conversing with Kelsey. Joker’s Updates notes that Cassandra apologized for interrupting upon entering the room. Phil told her she was not interrupting, but that he had to leave the room because he believed she would twist anything said.

According to Joker’s Updates, Nick then asked Cassandra if she and Tim could move to one of the other empty bedrooms in the house so he and Phil could be alone in the other. Cassandra agreed, told Nick she hoped they could be friends after the show, and left the HOH room.

The Big Brother Canada game is sure to get even more tense and tumultuous this week, but to what extent depends upon who wins POV and if a current nominee is saved after the challenge.

[Image via Big Brother Canada/Instagram]