Black Panther ‘Civil War’ Role Accelerates Actor Chadwick Boseman’s Movie Career To Superhuman Heights

Black Panther’s Civil War appearance will mark the big screen debut for the character. Black Panther’s Civil War role will likely be pivotal to the plot, as despite never appearing in a live action movie, he is one of the more powerful figures in the Marvel Universe. Black Panther is somewhat comparable to DC’s Batman, as he has both mystery and money. The major difference between Black Panther and other superheroes is his origin. He is eventually the leader of the fictional country of Wakanda, a place set somewhere in Africa. Wakanda is the source of his superpowers, along with a rare element that is coveted by Marvel villains and utilized by Marvel heroes.

Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman is looking great in trailers that have shown a bit of his strength so far. What won’t be clear until the movie comes out is exactly why he steps into the battle, and when he does, why exactly he gives constant chase to Winter Soldier. There must be a reason he joins Iron Man’s team that is critical to how the movie unfolds. Marvel fanboys are having the time of their lives waiting for Civil War, as the movie introduces Black Panther, accompanied by the reboot of all-time comic book favorite Spider-Man.

Before getting cast as the Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman made biopic hits. He played baseball legend Jackie Robinson in 42, before his most memorable role came in his portrayal of James Brown in Get on Up. Besides those roles, Boseman was in the Kevin Costner football film Draft Day, and most recently appeared as ancient Egyptian god Thoth in Gods of Egypt. Sometime this year, Boseman’s other starring role, in Message From the King, should also reach theaters. Boseman’s young acting career practically began in 2013 with his role in 42. Before that, his career mostly consisted of a few TV appearances, with experience writing and directing plays.

After the Black Panther Civil War role, Boseman is headed towards an exciting movie future with Marvel. He currently has a five-movie contract with Marvel Studios, which includes the highly anticipated Black Panther movie. Originally, the Black Panther solo movie was going to arrive next year, but was pushed back to 2018 after Marvel acquired Spider-Man rights, and wanted to release his rebooted solo film before heading out to Wakanda. After Black Panther’s Civil War role, he’s likely to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, along with movies Marvel has yet to confirm for Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.

Y’all don’t have to be excited, because I’m already is lol #BlackPanther #TChalla

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As Entertainment Weekly reports, Boseman revealed to Jimmy Kimmel how he prepared an accent suitable for Black Panther. Boseman first got acquainted with an African accent during his work on Message From the King, in which he plays a South African. He explained how that experience prepared him for his portrayal of the Wakandan leader in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chadwick Boseman, along with Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, will look to take Marvel movies into the future. Both Captain America: Civil War and the Black Panther movie are bound to please fans who have waited so long to see Black Panther get the live action recognition he deserves.

As Deadline reports, Boseman is also filming a biopic in which he plays the first African-American supreme court justice. Marshall is the story of Thurgood Marshall and his early rise to prominence as a lawyer, before his later and more illustrious appointments. So Boseman is an actor who will be on screen throughout the year. His career is on target for big things. If Black Panther’s Civil War appearance goes well, then Marvel will likely keep him busy into the foreseeable future.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]