Calvin Harris, Rihanna Team Up Again: Taylor Swift Approves

Calvin Harris has been teasing fans about new music for the past few weeks. Since the Scottish DJ didn’t drop any new music at his headlining gig at the Coachella Music Festival, fans have been wondering when and if he’ll ever drop a new song. Harris’ last single was his 2015 collaboration with the Disciples, “How Deep Is Your Love.”

Luckily for fans, his new music is coming sooner rather than later. Calvin Harris has announced his new single with Rihanna earlier this week. The hit-making producer and EDM artist previously teamed up with the sexy 28-year-old singer on their hit song “We Found Love.”

Harris was even the co-writer and co-producer on her other hit “Where Have You Been” from her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk.

Harris teased their new song titled “This Is What You Came For” on Thursday, April 28. If you’re expecting something that sounds like their previous smash, then you will be sorely disappointed. According to MTV News, Harris’ new song starts quietly, almost at a whisper, but then the beat drops and the song gets you hyped as it progresses. Their new collaboration still sounds promising though. Check out the teaser for “This Is What You Came For” in Harris’ tweet below.

#ThisIsWhatYouCameFor APRIL 29

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) April 28, 2016

“Lightning strikes every time she moves/ And everybody’s watching her / But she’s looking at you,” Rihanna is heard singing in the song. Some fans assume that Swift wrote the lyrics since it sounds like the kind of song she would sing. It seems like the song is about woman who’s so in love with a man that she can’t keep her eyes off him, no matter who’s in the room with them.

The hot new track is already Taylor Swift-approved. Calvin Harris’ girlfriend has been actively promoting the song on her own social media accounts. Swift slyly promoted her boyfriend’s new song when she showed off her new platinum blonde hair at Coachella. Swift took to Instagram to post a photo of herself wearing a black jacket with an embroidered lightning emblem on the back.

“BLEACHELLA,” Swift wrote in the post along with a lightning emoji.

Swift also shared Harris’ announcement on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon. She included the simple caption, “OMG” as if she wasn’t aware that her boyfriend was collaborating with Rihanna.

She shouldn’t be entirely surprised to hear that Harris and Rihanna have teamed up to score another No. 1 hit. She had a fangirl moment when Rihanna came out on stage during his set at Coachella earlier this month. Swift was so excited that she had to capture the special moment on Instagram.

“I’ll NEVER forget this moment,” she captioned the video of Bad Gal Rih on stage, looking fly as usual. The singer made a surprise appearance during Harris’ performance of “We Found Love.” Swift couldn’t even contain her excitement when she hugged RiRi after the show, putting an end to the feud rumors. Check out their awkward interaction below.

Swift has been showing a lot of support for her man lately, according to E! Online. The day before Harris took to stage, Swift flew down to Texas to attend a close friend’s wedding and headed back in time for his first-ever headlining performance. Then on Weekend Two, Swift flew back down to the desert with both Harris and her BFF Gigi Hadid in time for the model’s 21st birthday.

Outlets originally assumed that the reason why Swift was promoting Harris’ new music is because they were dropping a surprise new single together. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. An insider told the Hollywood Life that Swift and Harris have not recorded a song together, nor are they planning to collaborate anytime soon.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift already loves Calvin Harris’ sexy new collab with Rihanna. [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]Another report revealed that Harris politely declined to collaborate with his girlfriend since he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Harris already crossed that line with singer Rita Ora, which led to an ugly breakup between the two artists.

Are you looking forward to Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s new song? Sound off below in the comments section.

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