WWE News: WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Expected To Be In Chicago For ‘WWE Payback’

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been out of action for months following a knee injury he suffered late last year at a live event in the U.K. against Kane. Rollins hopped over off the turnbuckle and landed awkwardly, causing him to tear almost everything one could tear in his knee from his ACL to MCL. Officially the prognosis for recovery is about 8 months, depending on how rehabilitation goes. Rollins has surgery last year to repair the issue in Birmingham, Alabama, with Dr. James Andrews’ office.

It was said that Seth Rollins did double rehab while in Alabama under the care of Andrews’ office. This means the man was putting in hours, some of which he didn’t even have to do at the time, in order to come back. While he was seen by WWE fans on crutches this past December when he accepted the Superstar of the Year award, he would be off of them a few months later. Before WrestleMania 32, Rollins was already back doing Crossfit like a beast.

It was expected at one point that we might see Rollins make his way back to WWE this May. However, rumored storyline plans have him making his way back at some point this July. With WWE needing star power and big names due to low ratings, some feel WWE might rush Rollins back to just do TV and then have him come back full time later this summer. This rumor seems to be backed up a bit now.

Seth Rollins Wins Two Titles NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 23: Seth Rollins celebrates his victory over John Cena at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. [Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images]According to Daily Wrestling News, word was going around at this week’s TV tapings that Seth Rollins will be backstage for WWE Payback this Sunday. He is not expected to appear live in front of the crowd, but you never know with WWE.

The PPV takes place in Chicago, Illinois. With Rollins living in Iowa, the trip out to Chicago is not bad and he very well could be there just because of how close he lives. However, it doesn’t make much sense for him to be there when he easily could watch the show at home like other injured stars are doing.

Some speculate that there is more to this than Seth Rollins just being backstage to support his friends. With WWE in need of people like Rollins, it does make sense for him to return. To add to this, WWE added him to their recent Tapout advertisement. The company made a deal with the apparel brand and have used WWE Superstars to help push sales. Some believe WWE added Rollins as a hint for him coming back.

Rollins HHH [Image via WWE]He seemed more than fit enough in the advertisements to be with WWE. Early rumors of a May return now seem to be more true than ever. However, it all really comes down to the use of Seth Rollins. If WWE doesn’t have anything for him, then there is no reason to have him come back.

WWE has debuted people and even brought people back from injuries with no direction before. With a guy like Rollins who was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion before his injury, you have to bring him back in a big way.

As of now, it does not seem that AJ Styles will be involved in the World Title hunt post-Payback. Regardless of Finn Balor debuting at the event or not, WWE plans to have Roman Reigns retain, and there truly is no reason to have Styles get another shot at the title if Reigns beats him. That leaves the World Title scene open for a guy like Seth Rollins to step in. All signs seem to be pointing to something happening with Seth Rollins, but we’ll have to wait and see what comes from it.

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