‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Did Sara Ramirez Just Announce Her Exit From The Show?

Is Grey’s Anatomy saying goodbye to Dr. Callie Torres for good? We don’t know for sure, but actress Sara Ramirez did sound like she was taking her final bow recently. Ramirez, who has played Callie Torres for 12 years, took to Twitter to express her gratitude in getting a chance to play the character.

That said, the simple sentiment could mean that Ramirez is taking a moment to be grateful for her job over at Shondaland. However, some fans aren’t convinced that this isn’t a goodbye for good, as this tweet caused fans to freak out.

@SaraRamirez I don’t like this tweet, it sounds like a “goodbye forever” tweet.. please don’t tell me callie dies

— ️ (@_iusedtodream) April 27, 2016


— manon (@austxnatomy) April 27, 2016

Due to Shonda Rhimes’ penchant for killing off her characters, especially those that work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, it’s easy to see why fans would worry that Callie Torres is next to go on the chopping block.

There’s also another reason why fans are wondering if Callie Torres will live past Season 13. Sara Ramirez’s tweet comes at the same time that news broke about someone dying on the show this season. That’s right, it wasn’t enough that last season saw the biggest death in Grey’s Anatomy history when Derek Shepherd was killed off, but this year we could potentially see another death.

As the Inquisitr reported, TV Line gave the scoop that someone will die in the synopsis for an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

“Tensions between Meredith and Amelia ramp back up (and once again Derek is the root cause), Jo and Alex get clarification on their relationship status, Callie and Arizona’s custody impasse comes to a head and — in the biggest twist of all — Jackson and April stop fighting and start acting civil to each other. Also, someone’s gonna die.”

Then again, Callie Torres doesn’t exactly need to exit by death, even though that’s the popular way for the doctors in Seattle. As it is, actress Sara Ramirez has a pretty swift exit deal as far as storylines go. Callie Torres is in the middle of making a decision on whether or not she wants to move permanently to New York with her love, Penny. Throughout this storyline, Callie and former partner and co-parent Arizona haven’t seen eye to eye. Callie wants to take their daughter Sofia to New York, while Arizona wants to keep their daughter in Seattle because it’s what she knows.

This begs the question whether or not Callie will choose to leave her daughter with Arizona, or if she will take Sofia and have a nice exit as she rides off into the sunset with Penny. That said, where will any of this leave Arizona? Those that have been waiting for Callie and Arizona to reconcile are clueless, not to mention worried about the fate of this couple if Sara Ramirez is leaving the show for good.

It doesn’t seem like this is an overreaction either, because as far as we know, Sara Ramirez hasn’t extended her contract on Grey’s Anatomy for another season yet, and said contract is set to expire in June. Did we also mention that Grey’s is currently filming the season finale, which is hinted to have a “potential disaster”? That alone is a lot to digest.

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