Brothers Arrested For Parents’ Murder — San Jose Couple Rejected Son’s Sexual Orientation?

The suspected killers of a Bangladeshi couple found murdered in San Jose over the weekend have been found in the pair’s own children.

Multiple media outlets in the area are reporting that both sons of Golam, 59, and Shamima Rabbi, 57, have been arrested for their murder. San Jose police had initially reported that neither son was a suspect in the grisly crime, but now both are in custody.

Hasib Rabbi, whose name is alternately reported as Hasib Bin Golamrabbi, 22, was arrested Wednesday night, NBC Bay Area reported. He’d been missing for days and police sought him out for an interview. He was found in Tracy, California, about 60 miles from his parents’ San Jose home.

Also arrested in connection with murder is Hasib’s minor brother, who is 17. He’s been booked into juvenile hall. According to the San Jose Mercury News, he was arrested Wednesday night, as well, in San Jose.

Both brothers were booked on murder charges. According to ABC7, police have said they have no further suspects.


Relatives of the family said the boys had been out of town in Oakland on Saturday morning, and weren’t in town when the murder took place.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Rabbis were discovered by a group of friends who were worried that they hadn’t heard from them for several days. They stopped by their Lucas Court home, in San Jose‘s Evergreen neighborhood.

They entered through a sliding-glass door and searched the house and soon came upon the bodies of Rabbis, who had been shot to death. They were lying on the floor, bleeding and unresponsive, and had suffered at least one gunshot wound each.

In a disturbing twist, two cryptic messages were found scrawled in the house, one near the bodies and the other on a nearby wall. The first message was written on the hardwood floor in ink.

“Sorry my first kill was clumsy.”

A second noted was written on a wall and was reportedly directed at the couple’s eldest son. Among other things, it read, “I can’t be like you telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them.” The message also revealed that Shamima begged for her life.

That note may provide some hint as to motive when paired with inside information provided by a source, who spoke to NBC. That source said that the Golam and Shamima didn’t agree with Hasib’s sexual orientation.


According to the New York Daily News, fellow members of the Evergreen Islamic Center said it’s possible that religious beliefs provided a source of disagreement within the family. Police have disputed those speculations.

Since their gruesome murder, the Rabbis haven’t been able to be buried. Law requires the Santa Clara County Coroner to release their remains only to the eldest son, who prior to his arrest Wednesday had been missing. It’s not clear now what will happen.

Early on, San Jose police revealed that they believed the killers were known to the family and the murder wasn’t random. They also assured the community that it didn’t appear to be a hate crime.

Their deaths shocked San Jose’s tight-knit Islamic and Bangladeshi communities. The Rabbis were described as humble, polite, peaceful, loving, and generous by those who knew them. They emigrated to the U.S. 30 years ago, and helped relatives settle in the country by allowing them to stay in their home, the SF Gate reported.

A nephew, Golam Mustakim, 37, said they helped him in this way “until we found our means to survive. … (They) displayed this same kindness to other families in the United States.”

“It’s the most shocking news in my life. I was very close to them with all my heart. I have no words to explain how I am feeling. I want to believe they are still alive.”

[Photo by B Calkins/Shutterstock]