'Seduced': Lifetime Movie Inspired By New York Times 'Craigslist Missed Connections' True Story?

Seduced is a seductive new movie that will play out on Lifetime this coming Saturday. Seduced, aka Missed Connections, was filmed in Venice, California, and is written by Brian McAuley and directed by Jessica Janos. The 2016 movie stars Elisabeth Röhm as Caroline, Jon Prescott as Gavin, Jessica Amlee as Issie, Alexandria Basso as Halle, Ser'Darius Blain as Sean, April Audia as Detective Mickle, Robert Mailhouse as Jason Birch, Julie Mond as Margo, Tanner Stine as Noah, Cade Carradine as Detective Hess, and Jamie Helgesen as Alexia Montrose, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).


Lifetime's Seduced: Our Movie SynopsisSeduced tells the story of Caroline, a beautiful single mother who is trying to move forward with her life after the tragic death of her loving husband. And just when her teen daughter is trying to get her back into the dating scene, Caroline receives a message from a secret admirer, who can't get her face out of his head. Wanting to know everything about her, from her story to her soul, Caroline finally agrees to meet up with him in a smoky bar, where he sweeps her off her feet, leading them both into a steamy love affair that has got Caroline hooked.

However, Caroline's dreams of finding love again are dashed when she goes to the man's home and finds that he has a girlfriend. Together, Caroline and his girlfriend team up to find out how many other red-haired women he has conned. But, it may be worse. When the body of a young college girl washes up on the shore of Venice Beach, the two women realize that their common lover might not just be a con man, but a killer.


Lifetime Movie Seduced: Is There a True-Story Connection?The idea for Lifetime's Seduced looks like it may have been partially inspired by an article that appeared in the New York Times. The article, "A Craigslist Missed Connection Lure," was about a woman's experience with a man from the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist. In the article, the writer describes how her friend saw an ad from an intimate stranger, describing a beautiful redhead that he'd seen at the Drake Hotel.

"You were at the Drake Hotel, slim with red hair in a black satin top. I didn't say hi because you were dancing with your friends. I've never done this before, but I thought hey, it's worth a shot."
The New York Times article continues this way.
"In those days, I was red-haired, and that night my friends and I (with me in a black top) had indeed been sipping mojitos at the Drake, celebrating a birthday in an intimate group. Despite how I had mocked those who posted on 'missed connections,' I needed no persuading to reply.

"'So this is random, but I think I might be the girl you saw.' He answered within the hour, shocked his post had found me — if I was, in fact, the woman he saw. After some witty banter, I sent him a photo. 'It's you!' he wrote. 'I can't believe it's really you!"'

Over the next week, she had great fun and intimate conversations with the mysterious guy. But, after the week was up, he wasn't as available as he had been the week prior. The intimate stranger finally admitted that he was married with kids, and that his wife had been out of town for the week.

The article highlights the popularity of Craigslist's "Missed Connections" in the years before Facebook gained popularity, and how difficult it was to find out information about a person, unlike today with the prevalence of online information and social media sites like Facebook.

Seduced is a MarVista Entertainment presentation. The drama was produced by Market Street Production with Marguerite Henry as the executive producer. It airs this Saturday at 8/7 p.m. central time. Last week, Inquisitr reported on another Lifetime movie called Babysitter's Black Book.

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