Clip Of Chinese Farmer Boiling Dog Alive To Make Canine Soup Causes Mass Outrage

A horrific clip of a farmer in China boiling a dog alive to make a giant soup for a village party has caused mass outrage amongst animal lovers.

The stomach churning footage shows what looks like a large yellow Labrador cross flailing around in helpless terror as it desperately attempts to escape from a wide iron cauldron-like dish full of steaming water.

The poor dog’s attempts to save itself from the cruelest of deaths are thwarted mercilessly by a man with a big stick who aggressively pokes the dog and forces it back into the bubbling water as it yelps in abject fear.

The dog’s panic, suffering and wide-eyed agony appears to have little effect on the man with the stick, who forces the dog back into the boiling pool of water every time it attempts to escape from its hellish misery.

Thankfully, the ten second clip is cut short before we see the dog’s eventual fate, but as the Express reports, “It does not leave much to the imagination.”

The upsetting clip has set social media on fire and caused mass outrage.

One user wrote, “This makes me so mad because I can’t do anything about it.”

Some shockingly tried to inject a little misplaced humor into the situation by writing, “Guess they got the wrong idea when they heard about the American ‘hot dog.’”

Some have even suggested that the dog was not being cooked alive but merely being given a tick and flea bath to kill off the insects.

This however would appear unlikely in China, where a heartbreaking 10 million dogs are killed every year for human consumption.

An investigation in 2015 by Hong Kong-based charity Animals Asia revealed that most of the dogs eaten by humans are stolen pets and strays.

Last year, organizers of China’s notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival not only ignored a petition of 200,000 people calling for an end to the annual feast of dog flesh, but the notoriously barbaric canine cooking festival also decided to add cat meat to the menu.

The Inquisitr reported that campaigners have slammed the Yulin Dog Meat Festival held in the southern province of Guanxi for not only the consumption of canines but for the terror and pain the poor animals are forced to endure before they finally die.

“Fear and deep distress in the dog before death is thought according to Chinese custom, to tenderize the meat through the release of adrenaline, and make for a better meal. The practice of beating dogs to death to release the blood in the meat is still a popular practice in some regions of China, as is killing, cooking and serving the dog up in front of diners.”

The festival’s decade’s old tradition sees dogs and cats either beaten to death and skinned and strung up like Peking ducks, or they have their throats slit in shadowy slaughterhouses.

Ricky Gervais has branded the organizers of the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival “disgusting subhumans” and last year added his voice to the growing international campaign to ban the annual Chinese festival which celebrates the brutal slaughter of over 10,000 dogs.

They steal people’s pets to torture and eat. What would you do to someone who you caught torturing your dog? I hope you’d stop them somehow.

“They believe torturing the dog makes the meat tastier. They beat them, burn them, skin and boil them alive!”

It’s too late to save the poor dog featured in this article, but you can potentially help save thousands of other from a similar fate by clicking here, and adding your voice to the millions of others who want to put an end to the forthcoming hell and horror of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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