‘Arrow’ Fans Mourning [Spoiler]: Does Oliver Have A Trick Up His Sleeve?

Last night’s Arrow episode saw the team mourning a certain original character, but not all fans are convinced that this is the end. After all, this is not the first time a character has died and come back to life. Is it possible that Oliver Queen has a trick up his sleeve?

So far, all the main characters that have died — or were supposed to have died — have come back in some way. Sara Lance escaped death numerous times — both on boats and from arrows to her chest and a fall off a building! Some of these have been explainable and some of them magical.

Meanwhile, Roy Harper has managed to fake his death with the help of John Diggle and an old military buddy, while Oliver has escaped death a few times — including from a sword slicing straight through him. His sister was magically brought back, although doctors had helped to initially save her body (but not bring her out of a coma).

So, now that Laurel has died, it makes sense that Arrow fans are a little skeptical. Wednesday’s episode saw Quentin Lance bury a daughter for the third time. He only has two daughters, and Sara is still currently alive and in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Fans are going to expect Laurel to be brought back in some way, if she was even killed in the first place.

A.V. Club’s Alasdair Wilkins suspects that Laurel is definitely dead on Arrow. She is not coming back, because it is time for the show to make it clear that dead does mean dead, at least once.

The show is taking a The Vampire Diaries route, where it looks like death does not necessarily mean the end, especially when a main character is involved. It has led to fans rolling their eyes and not really worrying when they shockingly find a main character dies in some way. It is worth just looking at Season 5 to see how Stefan was killed, but the writers found a way to easily bring him back, along with Alaric! Damon may have initially been left for dead, but he and Bonnie (who has died numerous times now) were brought back to life during Season 6.

One thing that is different for Arrow is that this is the first time an original character who is part of Team Arrow has died. It is also the first time a character has seemingly permanently died since all the resurrections. Tommy died in Season 1, but at that time dead meant dead.

It was clear that Oliver could not die at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul, and at least some of the reasoning was explained during him being saved. Thea and Sara’s resurrections were explained with magic, and Roy’s faked death was all shared in a reasonable way. Not once has a main character actually been buried.

It also makes sense that Laurel has to die because Lance has now decided that death does not always mean someone stays dead. It is a thought that the Arrow fans have had, and it makes sense to now play it out on the screen. The writers are not treating the fans inconsiderately, but instead showing their thoughts playing out. Lance is now hell-bent on bringing his daughter back, knowing that it can happen.

Oliver also made it clear that he believes Laurel is really dead. He made her identity as the Black Canary known, even including it on the tombstone. This suggests that he has no tricks up his sleeve or any intention to bring her back to Team Arrow.

Season 4 still has four episodes left, and there is time to bring Laurel back. With Arrow being renewed for another year, it is possible that the resurrection will happen then if it will happen. However, it looks like for the first time dead definitely means dead.

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