Kate Upton Posts Lingerie Pic, Says She Feels Better One Month After Announcing Pregnancy

Just one month after she announced that she is pregnant with her first child with her husband, MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, supermodel Kate Upton posted a new lingerie photo from a recent shoot. Her caption lets fans know that she is as confident as ever with her body, and feeling better as she deals with the health-related challenges every first-time mother goes through.

In the caption of a new Instagram photo posted late Saturday afternoon, Upton discussed the difficulties she experienced during the photo shoot in question, yet thanked the people behind the shoot for making her look good.

"I was so sick in my first trimester and it was really hard to get through this shoot, but I'm so grateful I had such a great team around me and now I have a new reason to appreciate my body! #ConfidentBeauty"
The photo has been a big hit with Kate Upton's followers so far, as it received around 84,000 likes in the first hour since it was posted, along with a plethora of supportive comments from Instagram users who admired her for "appreciating" her body despite her pregnancy. Several remarked that they weren't even aware that the 26-year-old supermodel is pregnant, while others shared their own experiences as parents preparing for the birth of a child.The new lingerie photo came less than a few days after Justin Verlander spoke to Bleacher Report and opened up about how Upton "saved" his career and helped him get through a bout of depression that followed the news that he had to undergo potential career-threatening shoulder surgery in the 2014 MLB season. That, he related, was around the same time that he and Kate began dating.

"She was instrumental in me not…like, jumping off a bridge," Verlander, 35, told Bleacher Report.

"I was depressed and kind of just upset at the world and trying to hide my own s**t."
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were married in 2017, right after Verlander's current team, the Houston Astros, defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to win that year's World Series.

Kate Upton first announced her pregnancy in July, taking to Instagram to post an image of herself in a red suit and a white top and including the hashtag "#PregnantInMiami," according to People. The publication observed that Upton only showed the "slightest peek" of a baby bump as she prepared for a Sports Illustrated open casting session, which People noted was the first in the magazine's long history.