'Z Nation' Season 3 Spoilers And More: Will Keith Allan Will Be Returning As Murphy?

Z Nation fans were surprised to learn recently that there was a possibility that Keith Allan's beloved character Murphy, the zombie/human hybrid, could be recast. TV Line shared that there was a contract dispute and that Z Nation's production company, The Asylum, had posted a casting call. Whatever was going on behind the scenes, everyone can now rest easy because Allan will be returning as Z Nation fan favorite "The Murphy," the funny but deeply flawed zombie messiah.

Keith Allan posted on April 22 to his both his Twitter and Facebook page, "Fear not ZWackers...I'll be back! for seaZon 3 Thanks for all the concern and support..love, your messiah."

Production on Z Nation's third season is scheduled to begin on May 5, and the series will return sometime in September. During the Walker Stalker Con Nashville which was held in early April, the Z Nation cast, including Keith Allan, threw out a few tidbits of information. The Z Nation season premiere will begin with a very important two-part flashback episode. This will help remind everyone of what occurred last season on Z Nation, especially during that action-packed season finale.

Warning: Z Nation Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Z Nation showrunner Karl Schaefer also shared with TV Geek Talk that Emilio Rivera, who plays El Scorpion/Hector, will also be returning to Z Nation. Hector will become a part of the Z Nation group, and Schaefer stated that in regard to him changing his ways, "we wanted to explore that and take a character who you think is really horrible and turn him into a good guy. So, then again, having the unexpected being our hallmark, seeing a character who is so unredeemable be redeemed somehow."

After the Season 2 finale, Z Nation fans were talking about Murphy's adorable zombie daughter, Lucy, as well. Keith Allan and Schaefer both mentioned that she will continue to age quickly, and when bounty hunters appear on Z Nation and fail to find Murphy, they will turn their attention toward her. Schaefer also confirmed that Lucy will play a bigger part in the Z Nation story line and the next time viewers see her, she will be no longer be a toddler having a tea party with her zombie foster parents.
"Oh, you'll definitely see more of Lucy in season 3, but she's going to continue to age quickly. It'll be an interesting X-factor that we'll add to the new season. And, actually [Lucy] has a very dramatic, high jeopardy storyline with a lot of emotional impact on Murphy and the rest of the crew. She figures in big-time into season 3."
As for Keith Allan's character on Z Nation, Schaefer states that after all Murphy has been through, he's had more than enough and decides to do things his own way.
"Well, Murphy has decided he's done with the human race. We saw at the end of the finale that Murphy has kidnapped Dr. Merch and is heading off deep into zombie territory. And, instead of making a vaccine for humans, he's going to make a vaccine based upon his blood to inject into humans to make them zombie-proof, but a blend that puts them under his control. Basically, he's going to build himself a zombie army."
Schaefer went on to share that the stage is set for a great third season of Z Nation. After Murphy goes off to raise his own army, the Z Nation team is captured by soldiers who have traveled all the way from various Asian countries in order to find Murphy. The Z Nation group ends up working with a new doctor from Asia, and they will begin to search for Murphy. As for 10K, Z Nation fans are hoping he is still alive somehow and Schaefer shares that he will make a comeback. What that means exactly for 10K and the Z Nation fans remains to be seen.
Are you ready for the return of Roberta Warren, Addy, Doc, Citizen Z, and the rest of the Z Nation crew? The popular series will return to the Syfy channel sometime in September.

[Image via Z Nation/Facebook]