Alien Movement On The Moon? Video Shows ‘Something’ Emerging From Crater On Moon

Conspiracy theorists have been trying to prove that aliens really do exist and a video has taken over the media that clearly shows something emerging from a crater on the moon.

The video coverage came from a telescope close-up of the moon, which clearly shows what may possibly be an alien emerging from a crater, then quickly disappearing under the crater again. Secure Team 10, a team of UFO investigators from the U.S., uploaded the mysterious video coverage.

“The amazing footage that you just saw showing some obvious movement and activity happening in a crater, caught by an amateur astronomer, could very well go down in the history books that there is current activity on the moon.”

It has been previously claimed that “alien bases” have been found on the moon. China previously released footage of alleged alien bases on the moon. According to C Club, Dr. Michael Salla suggested that there was a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC) on the Earth’s moon.

There have been multiple rumors speculated that there is an alien base on the opposite side of the moon that Earth has never seen before. Neil Armstrong, a NASA astronaut, allegedly said that aliens have a base on the moon and has told them to “get off and stay off the moon!”

A Naval Intelligence Officer, Milton Cooper, also said that aliens inhabit the moon. Cooper further stated that the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the alien base as “Luna” and the aliens keep their huge mother ships on the moon.

Luna, purportedly located on the opposite side of the Earth, was allegedly filmed by the Apollo astronauts and is also claimed to be the grounds for a huge mining operations. UFO Sightings Daily reported that back in July 2015, cities and ships were located on the far side of the moon in an Apollo 11 photo.

Apollo 11 shows picture proof of alien cities on the moon that was leaked by Ken Johnston
[Photo by NASA/Getty Images]

Conspiracy theorists claim that enough proof has “leaked” to know that alien life on the moon does indeed exist. Pravda reported that Ken Johnston, a former data and photo control department manager for NASA, was provided pictures that astronauts have taken on the moon.The pictures supposedly showed huge dome-shaped objects made from glass, buildings, and stone towers.

Johnston was allegedly ordered to destroy the photos; however, he did not feel it was necessary to destroy the claimed alien proof. Johnston was eventually forced out of his position and he went on to tell his story and share the photos with authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara. His story was revealed in a book called Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA.

“I have nothing to lose. I have quarreled with NASA and I got fired.”

Ken Johnston leaks the truth behind alien life on the moon
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Since then, more conspiracy theorists have investigated activity on the moon and many have found what looks to be alien cities. The most recent coverage showing “something” emerging from a crater on the moon is surely making headlines.

See the video coverage that shows something emerging from a crater on the moon. Do you think this is proof that aliens exist and are living on the moon? It certainly looks like something “living” is making itself known to the world.

[Photo by NASA/Getty Images]