Sarah Jessica Parker Finds Gem For Her Bathroom On The Streets Of New York

Sarah Jessica Parker is a true New Yorker. The former Sex and the City star recently posted an Instagram snap of a vintage cast iron and enamel sink she spotted on the street in the West Village. Parker snagged the classic piece and carted it home in a taxi with the help of a friend.

Sarah Jessica Parker told social media followers she found the treasure on her walk home from the Bloomingdale's café Forty Carrots, where she indulged in a cup of frozen yogurt. While the yogurt was probably really good, Parker found an even bigger treat on her way home.

"And then around 8:33p post forty carrots on my walk home I found this beauty," Parker wrote. "Discarded like so much trash. Waited to be carted away on bulk Saturday. Or maybe waiting for someone just like me to rescue her."

Sarah Jessica also revealed that she gave the retro sink a name -- Bedford! -- and that all it needs is "a good scrub and some new hardware. "

Of course, the New York Post's Page Six had a good time with this story. The tabloid called Sarah Jessica a "trash picker." But Vanity Fair has a much different take on the scenario, pointing out that Parker's rescue mission was a far cry from typical trash picking.

"She liked the sink, it seemed in reasonably good shape, so she took it home," VF writer Richard Lawson wrote. "A New York story common as cabs. It's a thing New York people do, and Sarah Jessica Parker is New York people."

That she is. And Sarah Jessica Parker is also one of today's most relatable and down-to-earth celebrities, and that's likely due to her humble upbringing as one of eight kids. In an interview with the New York Times, Parker described her childhood as "Dickensian."

"We were on welfare," Sarah Jessica said. "I remember being poor. There was no great way to hide it. We didn't have electricity sometimes. We didn't have Christmases sometimes, or we didn't have birthdays sometimes. That is why I have such a weird relationship with money. And I think it is rather warped since it comes from this desire to save, save, save."

Of course, that was a long time ago, and SJP has come a long way since then. In 2014, the mom of three (Parker shares son James Wilkie and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha with husband Matthew Broderick) invited Vogue into her home (video is below), where fans saw her gorgeous brownstone, which is so New York and not a sprawling L.A. mansion.

As can be seen in Vogue's "73 Questions" video, Parker's townhouse boasts a plush green velvet sofa and a collection of illuminated globes. But the glam is offset by a series of jam- packed bookshelves, a display of baseballs, and a ping pong table in the dining room. In the rapid-fire interview, Sarah Jessica described New York City as "symphonic, "tiny," and "real," and those same three words could be used to describe her home. (OK, "tiny" is in the eye of the beholder, because by NYC standards her place is huge, but not by Hollywood standards.)

Fans who have been missing Sarah Jessica Parker on TV will get to see her again soon. Parker will serve as an executive producer and star on the upcoming HBO series Divorce. Parker plays Frances, a woman who is seeking a fresh start after the end of her marriage. Thomas Haden Church (Wings, Sideways) plays Frances' ex- husband, Robert, and Saturday Night Live alum Molly Shannon will play her best friend Diane.

Take a look at the video below to see Sarah Jessica Parker in her New York home.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]