Keith Reed, Anthony 'Rob' Taglianetti: School Superintendent Love Triangle Murder On Tonight's 'See No Evil' On Investigation Discovery

Keith Reed, the Clymer, New York, superintendent who was found gunned down near his home by a former lover's husband, Anthony Rob Taglianetti, will make the case for the upcoming episode of See No Evil. The Investigation Discovery show uses crime-case video footage to help shape their documentaries. Tonight's episode, "Mr. Reed Will See You," tells the story of a well-respected school official who gets caught up in an unexpected love triangle, which eventually leads to his mysterious death.


The murder of Keith Reed in September 2012 shocked the town of Clymer, an area that was not accustomed to murders. The first sign of trouble was when Keith Reed failed to show up at a conference for educators out of town. When the local principal stopped by the home to find out what happened, he was met with an eerie scene--Keith's cars were parked in the driveway, but Keith wasn't answering when his friend had called out to him.

When Keith Reed' brother, a former FBI agent, got word that his brother was missing, he knew instantly that something terrible had happened to Keith. And it wasn't long before police discovered Reed's body in some bushes near his driveway. An autopsy report for Keith Reed stated that he had sustained three gunshot wounds to the body. And it was apparent that someone had shot him at close range. Now, detectives had the task of trying to figure out who wanted to see him dead.


As they analyzed his life, they couldn't find any real problems that would have warranted killing him, and no one could think of any enemies who had it in for Keith Reed. Police did take a look at a girlfriend with whom he had a rocky relationship, but she was eventually ruled out as a suspect.

The case was finally cracked after they received a frantic phone call from a woman named Mary Taglianetti, and the story she told detectives led them in the direction of the killer. Mary Taglianetti, a woman who lived in Virginia, stated that she had met Keith Reed on the dating site, which led to one date and a one night stand. Nothing more came of it, since they both decided to go back to their partners to make it work.

But recently Keith and Mary had started chatting and flirting again by email, and her husband, Rob Taglianetti, had found out about it by discovering an email between them. The emails were sexual in tone, and it made Rob fighting mad to know that his wife had been chatting with someone right under his nose. At that point, Taglianetti felt humiliated and angry and was dead set on a confrontation with Keith Reed. His anger turned to a murderous rage after he decided to drive from his home in Virginia to New York to "take care" of him. When Rob finally arrived, he must have caught the superintendent by surprise, judging by the half-packed luggage that was found at the home.

Mary knew that her husband was headed to New York, and she even tried to warn Keith. But her concern turned to horror when she Googled Keith Reed's name and found out that he'd been killed during the days that Taglianetti had supposedly traveled there.

Many people who adored Keith Reed believe that this murder was absolutely senseless, and it was provoked by a woman who was playing games, knowing that she was still with her husband--a man with a propensity for violence.


It was a terrible ending for a beloved former principal who adored his school children. And as for Keith Reed's own children, they sure do miss their dad, who they say loved dancing and taking them on family vacations.

Rob Taglianetti was finally arrested and charged with the crime. Police had more than enough evidence to charge him. They even had Taglianetti on videotape on the day of the murder, which showed him entering the education building, where he asked to see Keith Reed.

In addition to the school security video, they also had cell phone records and the murder weapon with the victim's blood on it. At trial, a jury found Anthony Robert "Rob" Taglianetti guilty and sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison, according to The Buffalo News.


Be sure to watch See No Evil on Investigation Discovery (ID) tonight at 9/8 p.m. central to see how Anthony Taglianetti almost got away with murder.

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