WWE Rumors: Former World Champion Confirms Stable Is Splitting Up And That It ‘Never Worked’

There has been an influx of new stables in WWE over the course of the past year, but one of them is about to already go away. It’s been rumored for a while now, and they already booted out one member a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like the League of Nations is officially coming to an end completely. Even though WWE has not said nor shown anything on television, Alberto Del Rio is saying that the stable is no more.

Earlier this month, King Barrett was booted from the League of Nations after being told he was the weak link. It’s also known that Wade Barrett is leaving WWE sometime this summer, and that was pretty much the company’s way of writing him off of television entirely.

wwe rumors league of nations splitting up stable alberto del rio rusev sheamus

With a trio still consisting of Sheamus, Del Rio, and Rusev, a feud had started with The Wyatt Family, and it was expected to culminate at Payback. Bray Wyatt recently suffered an injury that put him out 6-8 weeks, and with Luke Harper also out due to injury, that limited the Wyatts to just two healthy members.

Del Rio recently spoke with Solo Wrestling about a number of topics, and the League of Nations was obviously going to be one. In an interesting note, the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion gave an update on the future of the stable, and it’s not promising.

“Actually we will not do anything else with The Wyatt Family because there are so many injuries within the company. We as a group have never worked very well, so we decided that it is better to separate.”

Well, that does it.

That statement from Del Rio is one thing, but there was a good bit of evidence on Monday Night Raw last night that gave a bit of confirmation to the League of Nations being dissolved.

wwe rumors league of nations splitting up stable alberto del rio rusev sheamus

As recapped by WWE.com, all three of the remaining members of the League of Nations had matches on Raw last night. Each and every single one of them came out without the other members of the stable, but Lillian Garcia did announce them as members “of the League of Nations.”

Sheamus faced off with AJ Styles. Rusev took on Sami Zayn. Alberto Del Rio took on Roman Reigns. All three came out alone, and all three lost.

Well, Rusev didn’t come out totally alone, as for the first time in months, he went out to the ring with Lana. Since he joined the League and she became a more active part of the WWE women’s division, Lana had not been accompanying Rusev to the ring.

There were hints and rumors of the League of Nations splitting up, but after last night’s Raw, it has pretty much been set in stone.

wwe rumors league of nations splitting up stable alberto del rio rusev sheamus

As the League of Nations had been working together, it appears as if the massive amount of injuries in WWE has the need for more singles wrestler. All three will likely move on to new and separate feuds, and they’re all main event-level talents.

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio could instantly move into the main event scene. Rusev, while on the main event level, will likely head into a mid-card feud of some kind.

Even though it was built with former champions all around, and a lot of main event talent, the League of Nations never seemed to gel. The group had some big-time names leading it, but there were just too many singles wrestlers that could go in different directions and so many injuries that WWE can’t afford to have them all in one stable. Alberto Del Rio is saying that they are done so don’t expect to see them paired together on TV much more.

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