LeeAnne Locken On Cary Deuber: ‘She’s Not Welcomed Or Liked’ In Dallas Society

LeeAnne Locken feels that she has really positioned herself in the charity world in Dallas even though she doesn't get paid for it. As Locken revealed on a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, she doesn't get paid for her work in the city, and she gladly works for free to help people with their charity events. LeeAnne admitted that she doesn't have billions or millions in her bank account, but she does pride herself in having an excellent network and a desire to help others.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken is now revealing that she's shocked to learn what her co-stars are saying about her. While Locken sees herself as a great friend who is just trying to help, she was disappointed to learn that her long-time friend Tiffany Hendra's husband hinted that she should find other friends.

"I'm not going to lie -- IT HURT when Aaron told Tiffany she should find other friends! And I was a bit surprised. I know that we will always be friends and I want her to have a life separate from mine," LeeAnne explains on her blog, revealing that she sees herself as a great friend.

Of course, LeeAnne Locken wants to help others and make them the best they can be, so she saw an opportunity to help her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars when it comes to their charity work. LeeAnne took some time to sit down with Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman in hopes of teaching them a few things about the Dallas charity scene. And while Locken had the best possible intentions with the lunch, she was disgusted with the way her co-stars were acting.

"My intentions for lunch with Cary & Stephanie were sincere and motivated only to try and HELP them navigate their way through the Dallas charity scene, which can be more than a bit tricky! It was obvious from the moment I sat down that their minds were already made up and the line in sand had ALREADY been drawn," LeeAnne Locken reveals on her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

While Locken tried to help her co-stars, she felt they weren't taking her seriously. Rather than write a sympathetic blog, LeeAnne decides to drop a bomb about Cary. She reveals that Cary isn't accepted in her social circle, and LeeAnne hints that no one wants Deuber around. If that was indeed the truth, why would LeeAnne Locken spend so much time trying to help Cary if this could possibly reflect on her in the charity world?

"When Cary brought up 'You have to be a B, that's right BILLIONAIRE, to be a socialite,' THAT was the final bell of the last round! Cary has NO CLUE about Dallas Society because in my circles, SHE IS NOT WELCOMED or LIKED! There, I said it! THAT is the TRUTH! I am accepted because I DON'T LIE!! And let's face it, I'm Freaking FUN to be around!" LeeAnne Locken points out in her blog, adding, 'Oh and by the way, I have NEVER called myself a SOCIALITE or a DALLAS ICON! I prefer to live in the REAL WORLD!'"
Apparently, Locken is convinced that her co-stars all have bad reputations and wouldn't be accepted into the Dallas social circle she loves so much. The fights do make for good television, but maybe LeeAnne is placing herself on a pedestal that's a bit too high.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken's blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas? Do you think the social charity scene looks down on Cary Deuber?

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