'Supernatural' Season 11 Episode 23 Title Hints God Will Finally Appear

All many Supernatural fans have wanted to see since Season 4 is the appearance of God. Many hoped that he would surface in Season 5, but it never happened. It is now seven years since the introduction of angels, and he has still not appeared, but it looks like he will this season.

The title for Supernatural Season 11 Episode 23 has now been announced. Called "Alpha and Omega," it certainly looks like he will make an appearance as the Alpha (maybe to Amara's Omega).

For years, the "SPN Family" has believed Chuck is God. The former prophet was killed off in Season 5, but returned in Season 10 in the 200th episode. He has not been seen since, and the Winchesters do not even know he is alive. The Winchesters do know that God has left Heaven, and he could be hiding somewhere on Earth, so it makes sense if he brought Chuck back to life for his help in stopping the apocalypse and then asked to become his vessel — or can God just take over a person like a demon?

Chuck has never been confirmed by the executive producers to be God. Rob Benedict has previously said in conventions that he is God, but more of that he thinks of himself as God — as the executive producer within the story. After all, he wrote the Winchester chronicles before the brothers had even lived their lives.

Supernatural fans will see Chuck return next week, during Episode 20. The Winchesters will come across him, and it turns out that he may have something that can help them destroy The Darkness. Looking at the Supernatural synopsis, which The Inquisitr has already reported on, it would suggest that Chuck is not quite God but can maybe use the Hand of God to take down Amara and put Lucifer back into his cage.

Melty suggests that Chuck may not be God, and instead God will appear in the Season 11 finale. The title Alpha and Omega is linked to the Bible, in the Book of Revelation. The words are used to describe God and Christ, although fans do not expect to see Jesus come into the show anytime soon. He has not even been mentioned. If Jesus is not returning and neither of the names refer to Amara, then it suggests that God is on his way.

With Supernatural Season 12 being confirmed, it is unlikely that this season will end with a big happy ending. There will likely be another big cliffhanger that sets the stage for the 2016/2017 season. It will also be likely that the Winchesters will do something that causes a big destruction that needs to be cleaned up next year, similarly to the way the last few seasons have ended. Season 4 had Sam open Lucifer's cage, Season 9 had Dean take the Mark of Cain and die with it (coming back as a demon), and Season 10 had Dean killing Death and The Darkness being released.

All that being said, there are many Supernatural fans who believe that Chuck will still be God. After all, it was pointed out with Kevin Tran that a prophet had to die for another chosen one to become the next prophet. Kevin became a prophet despite Chuck being alive, suggesting that he was never just a prophet but God instead; maybe without even realizing that he was or is God until his presumed death.

Supernatural will return with new episodes this week. Wednesday night will air Episode 19, with the Winchesters coming up against a creature they have never faced; one that only appears every 27 years.

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