'Dance Moms' Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler And Brynn Rumfallo Tackle Solos, And The Mini Team Returns In 'Mini Madness'

What can fans expect from Tuesday night's episode of Dance Moms? Spoilers share that the mini team is back in the thick of things this week, and the older girls will be buzzing as a newer Abby Lee Dance Company member is assigned a routine reminiscent of a previous performance. Abby Lee Miller will have everybody buzzing once again when this Season 6, Episode 17 show airs on April 26 and viewers cannot wait to see this one.

As TV Guide teases, this one is called "Mini Madness." Brynn Rumfallo has been added to the ALDC competition team this season, but the presence of Brynn and her mom Ashlee has made for some intense drama. Dance Moms spoilers detail that during this next episode, things get tense when Abby gives Brynn a routine that is based on one of Maddie Ziegler's previous performances, her Season 5 routine called "All God's Creatures." Can Brynn shine during the routine that will have many people thinking of Ziegler's original?

Tuesday's episode also brings the return of the mini dancers. Many viewers figure that Abby Lee Miller is anxious to groom this group of young dancers to help keep things going as the older girls leave the show and head off on their own. Of course, fans know that Dance Moms stars Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, and Melissa Gisoni are officially leaving the show, and that definitely reinforces the idea that Abby will focus on the new, younger team in future episodes and competitions.

Dance Moms spoilers share that the older girls and moms may get a bit anxious trying to ensure that they are a priority with Abby given the presence of the mini team this week. Maddie and Mackenzie may be leaving, but Miller still has a talented group of performers who have been doing well in the competitions, and the mothers in the mix will surely be frustrated if they feel that they are being cast aside.

How do things go during the next competition? According to the dancemoms.updates Instagram page, the full ALDC older set does a group routine titled "The Atlantic," and Dance Moms spoilers share that they reportedly get third place in the teen division. As for the mini team, they are said to perform a hip-hop routine and earn first place in their category.

Maddie gets a solo in this event and Dance Moms spoilers detail that it is a theater piece titled "The Entertainer." Unfortunately, it seems that Ziegler is outdanced at this competition as she is said to earn fourth place in the teen division. Brynn's solo is said to garner third place in the preteen division. From the sounds of things, none of the ALDC performances score big overall placements, but fans will have to tune in Tuesday night to find out for certain.

The Dance Moms previews are teasing that the Ziegler girls have just one more episode left after this one before they leave, and the tears are already falling for both show fans and the girls. Spoilers for the last Ziegler episode indicate that a big farewell was held for the family at the end of the competition, and it was apparently quite the emotional scene. Between the news of Maddie and Mackenzie leaving and the fraud court case ahead, Abby Lee Miller is under a lot of stress, and fans wonder if she can handle it all.

Will Maddie Ziegler's solo during this next competition seem to simple for her? Can Brynn shine in her solo? Will the team of young dancers manage to show up the elite girls? There is plenty of tension and drama on the way with "Mini Madness," and Dance Moms fans will not want to miss what comes next.

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images]